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My lament for the day...phew!

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by , 12th November 2010 at 07:21 AM (180 Views)
My mom's been stressed from work again. She works at a restaurant There is this wicked, ugly "anglerfish" (that woman's nickname there, SERVES HER RIGHT) that reprimands my mom for nothing.

"Anglerfish" had to drop a week off due to illness, so my mom did her duties for her. She did a fine job, making the food and ordering the ingredients and all.

Okay, people can feel sheepish or jealous or whatever. Maybe "anglerfish" felt that she's getting behind my mom at the job (my mom's rather new compared to other co-workers)
About human psychology and that stuff, I could care less (and am clueless myself). But I think my mom AT LEAST deserved a "Thank you" or simply "Good work". That would have been fine.

But WHAT? Why "Hey why did you give so many appetizers to the customers? Do you have any idea how silly that is?"

I listen to my mom after she gets back from work, so I do know that THIS WON'T END...

The part I hate the most is that when my mom is exhausted, she dumps that mood on me, too. Even after I had a perfect day at school, that joy gets crushed upon hearing my mom's lament. Now I feel really moody...


I don't mean to get violent, but I really, REALLY hate that woman! I wish to torture her the same way she does to my mom.

EDIT: Thankfully mom feels better after a nap, phew. I just hope she doesn't get THAT tired again...

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