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Me and my random talks.

  1. Bulba Daughter Adoption

    With approval from TWR neighborhood godmother, @Parma;

    @Zima; will be my Bulba Daughter from now :3

    @Light Bringer; , you have a new sibling ^_^
  2. For the New Year

    Yes, it means another Mention notification for some of you. Sorry for being late, it took more time than I thought it would.

    First of all, Happy New Year. Best of luck for the year 2013.
    I'm sure all of you have your share of difficult times and good times last year. You've all done your best, that's great!

    The year 2012 started with two changes on Bulba for me - I earned my bold username and the Forum Head position for Outside the Box on January 1st. In real ...
  3. 6-day late blog, beating the Subway Masters

    I met @Dark Blueberry; the day before Christmas Eve, so that I could give her one of the two Meloetta I received. And also, we tried the multi battles. We were hoping to beat the Subway Masters, so yes, we were actually careful in choosing the Pokemon to take along.

    Oh yeah, this blog was late because I got terribly sick because Dark Blueberry poisoned my ice cream so I'm barely alive now I overate at the buffet restaurant that evening, or just ate something ...
  4. Dat bandwagon

    I'm not a blogger, so I don't follow blog bandwagons much. However, this newest one looks fun though.

    So go ahead, see how much do you know about me. I'll confirm if they are right or wrong. No crazy theories pls =w=
  5. No D-O-G-A-R-S ;_;

    ...they used the English version of Roxie's Gym music in the Korean version of the game... ;_;

    It was disappointing, I expected that Korean version would have the original since Koffing's Korean name is quite similar to 'Dogasu' (또가스, 'Thogasu').

    That beat at the 'O-N' part of 'P-O-K-E-M-O-N' is really bad >_<
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