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Me and my random talks.

  1. Scariest moment of my life

    From the nearest subway station to my univ, there is this uphill road that leads up to my campus. It's not steep nor far. I like to walk up as the distance is perfect for a walk. But that's not the case when I have a heavy bag, in a hurry (waking up late XD), feel sick, etc. In those cases, I can catch a bus or a cab which will take me there in no time.

    I am talking about the latter option. The taxi fee is 2400 won (the Korean currency, just a reminder). I joined a group of three ...

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  2. This time, gifts from dad

    My father came back from his business trip today. He went to Taiwan for a conference, for five days.

    We lost contact for those days, because he went to an area where Internet is expensive. He chose not to use it. (Can't blame him. Besides, his laptop can't use wifi)

    He brought some souvenirs, and I had mine too.

    The box was mine, and opening it...
    (I like the ...

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  3. Shouldn't have bothered...

    ......to change my avatar from a Zuruzukin to all sorts of others.
    It fits well with green in my profile and blog...

    ...or maybe green fits well with many things?

    After all, BEST COLOR!

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  4. My lament for the day...phew!

    My mom's been stressed from work again. She works at a restaurant There is this wicked, ugly "anglerfish" (that woman's nickname there, SERVES HER RIGHT) that reprimands my mom for nothing.

    "Anglerfish" had to drop a week off due to illness, so my mom did her duties for her. She did a fine job, making the food and ordering the ingredients and all.

    Okay, people can feel sheepish or jealous or whatever. Maybe "anglerfish" felt that she's ...

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  5. Bro bought some gifts today!

    Yep, I have an older brother. He works part-time at a nearby Dunkin Donuts XD
    He likes that kind of business: attending counters, mix and make coffee drinks, as well as maintaining a nice attitude to customers.

    Did I mention that "Pepero Day" (Nov 11) kind of works like another "Valentine's Day"?
    (See previous blog post about this "Pepero Day")

    ...he bought some donut-shaped cushions!
    I think they were sold as events. ...

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