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Blah blah blah

Me and my random talks.

  1. Two hours...

    ...before the exams are finally over and winter vacation starts.

    I admit I've done badly this semester. I know that already.
    Take it as an excuse, but the schedule this semester was the worst. -_-;;

    But it was coming since last semester, so I'm not really scared.
    Besides, I planned to retake some classes since last semester's grades came out. I'll just add some more to the "Retake List".

    I just hope I can survive this winter and ...

    Updated 16th December 2010 at 03:40 AM by Mintaka

  2. Whoa, my first Shiny, ever

    After finishing first part of a two-part essay (which would replace an exam in English course, yay), I decided to take a break and play Pokemon HG.
    (If you are negative about this...oh well, I'm bad. lol)

    I just decide to EV train a Pokemon, which would take around twenty minutes. That's perfect, I can end after ending a EV training in one stat.

    While EV training...


    Updated 13th December 2010 at 02:46 PM by Mintaka

  3. I was a bit embarrassed...

    I took an exam just an hour ago.

    The exam was basically about writing...

    But I write terribly slow. If I write fast, the handwriting beyond recognition.

    Around the time the exam was over, the assistant (here, professors don't usually come to watch over exams; their assistants do) said that I'd need to finish up...

    ...and that I was the only one there.

    I turn around, and realize that fifty seats behind me are ALL EMPTY. ...

    Updated 13th December 2010 at 02:46 PM by Mintaka

  4. Late to the bandwagon...

    Twiggy posted one...so I think I might try it out. Currently bored yet wanted to post something.
    (I know that I am super late!!!)

    Does anyone have questions?

    I'll be glad to answer them after I return home.

    ...meh, how many questions will I get...I wonder.
  5. I plan to buy a DS soon...

    The current one's battery life shortened to few hours. X_X Its color is metallic pink.
    I want something of a basic, darker color this time.


    1. Cobalt blue

    2. Crimson red

    (If I just found the same sized pic...X_X)

    3. Jet black
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