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Another Shiny via Masuda Method

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I was actually trying to hatch this the day @Dark Chocolate; hatched her Shiny Cranidos (it would have sparked a nice chat because the movie was rather boring), but seems I was a day late. :P

It's my third Shiny after a Fennekin (that I gave to Dark Chocolate) and a Spritzee.
I named it Patience because, @Kakuna Matata; sort of suggested it (wait did I take her future Klefki's nickname, oops, sorry KM), and I actually hatched eggs for nearly a week for this guy.

I was a little disappointed that the keys remained the same (I thought the color would be different) but still, Shiny is Shiny. ;w;
It got its IVs from one of the parents, so it has perfect Defense and Special Defense so perhaps I can use it in a team one day.

Now I can finally return to trying to beat Battle Maison, and finishing those Looker quests.

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  1. Kyriaki's Avatar
    @Mintaka; OMG it's so cute!! I'm happy for you :D Congratulations!
  2. Norzan's Avatar
    Congrats, it actualy makes sense why the keys didn't changed colour since they are not part of its body.
  3. Konstantinos's Avatar

    Despite its trollishness, Shiny Klefki is so cute!
    Patience is the Key, do not forget!

    Wait, when it opens its "arms", why don't the keys fall down?
  4. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    Congrats :D

    I also have a shiny Klefki. I like the gold color.
  5. Team Gaara's Avatar
    I love Klefki!! You're so lucky to have a shiny!!
  6. X Dragoon's Avatar
    The weird thing is that I had a short dream scene about shiny Kelfki last night.
  7. Eleven's Avatar
    Congratulations! It looks really cool! :D

    What nature does he have?
  8. Mintaka's Avatar
    @Dark Chocolate; thanks ;w; I couldn't believe that I actually hatched it XD
    @Norzan; now that you mention it, that does make sense :O Good point.
    @Mega Bluestoise; omg, I didn't understand the idea behind the nickname before you posted that! The nickname suddenly makes more sense now xD And if you look carefully, it bends the tips of its arms so that the keys don't fall off.
    @Shiny Celebi; thank you ^_^ I like the color too. I'm happy that the color is noticeable.
    @Team Gaara; thanks :)
    @X Dragoon; you need to work as a fortune teller for shiny Pokemon breeders, something like that X)
    @Zima; he's Bold. It isn't the best for him, but the German Klefki I got from Wonder Trade had the Nature and it wasn't that bad.
  9. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Evil Min
    (wait did I take her future Klefki's nickname, oops, sorry KM)
    You better be!! >:OO actually i "borrowed" the idea from someone else, lol. It was either that or "Memory."
  10. Mintaka's Avatar
    @Kakuna Matata; just out of curiosity, where did the idea of naming a Klefki 'Memory' came from? XD so that I can name another Klefki that name lol
  11. Konstantinos's Avatar
    I think I know who said someone else is, lol. Patience is better.
  12. Kakuna Matata's Avatar

    and don't you dare i worked really hard on copying it from someone else >:c


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