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by , 19th November 2010 at 10:03 AM (194 Views)
My dad came back drunk again.
It's one of those meetings after work. No, he's not heavily drunk. He's just drunk enough to have this weird chatty personality. (I hope you get what I mean)

Whenever I see dad coming back home in that state, I HATE HIM. Seriously, who wants to be hugged by a person who smells of alcohol in his breath, however "creepily" friendly he is?

And when my dad's in that state, he just can't endure anything. He can't leave his daughter use a computer for any kind of reason. Once he reprimanded me for using the computer to type up a research essay. (Put in an insult here, I don't like using one)

Again that happened tonight...again, reminding me how useless I was for losing that scholarship (I DESPISE THAT WORD)

I just hope he forgets everything he said when he becomes sober. Either that or he takes his words back about having an useless daughter.

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