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6-day late blog, beating the Subway Masters

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I met @Dark Blueberry; the day before Christmas Eve, so that I could give her one of the two Meloetta I received. And also, we tried the multi battles. We were hoping to beat the Subway Masters, so yes, we were actually careful in choosing the Pokemon to take along.

Oh yeah, this blog was late because I got terribly sick because Dark Blueberry poisoned my ice cream so I'm barely alive now I overate at the buffet restaurant that evening, or just ate something wrong. I'm feeling much better now (=w=);

Okay, we chose our Pokemon and entered the subway.

We were on a blast overall, sometimes we'd face a tough team that would KO one or two of our Pokemon. I think once both of my Pokemon fainted and Dark Blueberry had to finish the battle xD

After some time...finally...

We reached the 21st battle, yes! Ingo introduces himself and his brother Emmet.

"Safe driving by keeping the rules! Everyone smile by watching their time!"
Emmet makes a few remarks - we found them cute really xD - before the battle.

"Oh yes, we can do this!"

I didn't take pictures during the actual battle. We chose to knock out Emmet's two Pokemon first and then beat Ingo's Pokemon fighting two on one. After all, we were thinking that Emmet's two Pokemon were going to be easier to beat as they were both Bug Pokemon and we had types/moves effective on that.

...didn't expect Durant to be THAT strong That Occa Berry was a nasty surprise too. I actually can't remember what other Pokemon Dark Blueberry had - or let's face it, how most of the battle went. *been really sick* Anyways, I think Durant actually had KO'd one of our initial Pokemon, likely Dark Blueberry's first Pokemon. My Galvantula took care of it, though Emmet's Galvantula KO'd mine iirc. (Even this might be wrong, my memory isn't the best at the moment, and I didn't take any picture during the actual battle.)

Anyways, we managed to beat Emmet's two Pokemon first. (I'll never EVER underestimate the iron ant ever again!) Ingo's Garvador was easily beaten with our two Pokemon against one. However when he sent out Klinklang, we sort of panicked.

Me: "Oh great, what if it has a Occa Berry? Then my Arcanine might not able to OHKO it."
DB: "Maybe use Wild Charge instead?"
Me: "...nah, I'll just use Flare Blitz, it's the stronger of the two anyway. Your Aggron's move would likely KO it too."

Turned out the Klinklang wasn't holding Occa Berry. So it resulted in an OHKO. *shrug*

So yay, we beat the Subway Masters on multi battle. It was a lot easier than having to battle with a NPC.
Hopefully we can do this again on the Super Train! :P

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  1. Karisse's Avatar
    Wow, awesome o.o

    I still need to raise a B2 team for the Subway... ._.
  2. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    That reminds me I still need to beat the subway masters on the super lines in white. I hate the super lines. So difficult.
  3. Kyriaki's Avatar
    ALL ACCORDING TO THE PLAN Hope you are feeling better now!

    I think we took care of the Garbador first because we knocked it out with both our pokemon, and I don't think I used my Aggron. I mostly battled with my Gallade against them. That damned Durant ;_; I had been, more like, underestimating pokemon that don't have an evolution line - but that Durant killed my Gallade ;_;


    We'd better prepare for the Super Multi next time XDD I am so looking forward to that XDD
  4. Durbe's Avatar
    The super lines are tougher but you two could handle it just keep on accelerating forward.
  5. Mintaka's Avatar
    @Camila; good luck with that. For the normal trains, EV trained Pokemon helps most of the time.

    @Mijzelffan; Yeah, my first attempt on the Super line in the Black version didn't go well. >_<

    @Dark Blueberry; I knew it, I was lucky that I recognized the slightly bitter taste in my yogurt ice cream
    Yeah, my memory must have been REALLY messed up. It's worse that I didn't save the battle on the video. -w-;

    @gaara sword; thanks! :3
  6. Kyriaki's Avatar



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