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Me and my random talks.

  1. Another Shiny via Masuda Method

    I was actually trying to hatch this the day @Dark Chocolate; hatched her Shiny Cranidos (it would have sparked a nice chat because the movie was rather boring), but seems I was a day late. :P

    It's my third Shiny after a Fennekin (that I gave to Dark Chocolate) and a Spritzee.
    I named it Patience because, @Kakuna Matata ...
  2. I should have finished White 2 earlier xD

    - Haven't received the Shiny Dratini
    - Haven't caught the three Lake Trio
    - Haven't caught the three Regis

    Now I'm trying to reach the 10th stage of the White TreeHollow. Guh, three stories for each stage is annoying. >_<

    Anyhow, Pokemon Bank works marvelously. Directions on how to actually send Pokemon to the Gen 6 game were confusing at first but after I understood with some help from @Dark Chocolate; , it became much easier ...
  3. Late Thank You

    This is nearly a month late, but better late than never. I've been busy with schoolwork, trying to graduate and breeding on Pokemon Y so I've just logged in today.

    Thanks for all the birthday greetings! ;w;

    @HeavenBlade; (aw thank you congrats for the first greeting)
    @Dark Kyriaki; (you told me happy birthday twice not counting this VM xD)
    @Shiny Celebi; (thank you <3)
    Dolce ...
  4. Victory in Double Battles

    This is actually a couple of days late, I realized that I didn't blog about it

    Finally, in my eleventh try for the win in Double Battles line in Battle Subway, I won ;w;

    I play White 2, so I battled Emmet.
    What caught me by surprise is that Emmet would actually change the Pokemon he sends out first - last time I reached the final, he sent out Crustle and Durant first (and I never got to KO either of them). This time he sent out Garbador and Durant instead. ...
  5. Screw Valentine's, celebrate Halloween instead!

    Those with couples can safely ignore this blog and let those with lonely hearts enjoy the contents in the blog!

    lol not really, enjoy

    So those with lonely hearts and have no one to receive chocolate or candy from, I know the pain.

    I only care about those chocolate and candy sales myself :P But then there are times that sting me, like at the office next door, there was a person giving out chocolate to fellow workers. 'Get in this office and give me some ...
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