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Generation V English names (with meanings)

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by , 14th January 2011 at 10:40 PM (1814 Views)
000 English/Japanese (if only one, then unchanged)

494 Victini (victory+tiny)
495 Snivy/Tsutarja (snide+snake+ivy)
496 Servine/Janovy (serpent+ivy)
497 Serperior/Jalorda (serpent+superior) (I wanted Majestree...)
498 Tepig/Pokabu (tepid+pig, tepid = lukewarm)
499 Pignite/Chaoboo (pig+ignite) (everyone was using this anyway)
500 Emboar/Enbuoh (ember+boar) (everyone was using this anyway)
501 Oshawott/Mijumaru (ocean+water+otter, also a reference to George Ohsawa)
502 Dewott/Futachimaru (dew+otter, also a reference to Helen DeWitt, author of The Last Samurai [not the film, the novel])
503 Samurott/Daikenki (samurai+otter) (DAIKENKI NOOOOOOOOOOOOO ;_;)
504 Patrat/Minezumi (patrol+rat)
505 Watchog/Miruhog (watch+hog)
506 Lillipup/Yorterry (Lilliput+puppy, Lilliput being the city of the dwarfs in Gulliver's Travels. Also the word "little")
507 Herdier/Haderia (herder+terrier) (it's a Scottish Terrier, and seems to take the role of a sheepdog)
508 Stoutland/Murando (stout+Scotland)
509 Purrloin/Choroneko (purr+purloin, purloin = "to steal") (Gymnotide@PokéCommunity)
510 Liepard/Lepardas (lie+leopard)
511 Pansage/Yanappu (pan+sage, Pan being the genus of the chimpanzee and bonobo, sage being a herbal plant) (Pansage goes in every field)
512 Simisage/Yanakkie (simian+sage, simian is a Latin term used to refer to any monkey-like primate)
513 Pansear/Baoppu (sear, "to burn")
514 Simisear/Baokkie
515 Panpour/Hiyappu (pour, ie. "pouring water")
516 Simipour/Hiyakkie
517 Munna
518 Musharna
519 Pidove/Mamepato (pigeon+dove+love, referring to the heart-shaped pattern on its chest)
520 Tranquill/Hatoboh (tranquil, also quill, lower part of a bird's feather) (Gymnotide@PokéCommunity)
521 Unfezant/Kenhorou (double pun, unphased+pheasant; the original translates as something along the lines of 'proud gamebird', with the name taken from onomatopoeic representations of a pheasant's cry and the phrase ken-mo-hororo, "curt, brusque")
522 Blitzle/Shimama (blitz, German "lightning")
523 Zebstrika/Zebraika (zebra+strike)
524 Roggenrola/Dangoro (rock 'n' roll) (oh come on, that's just not subtle at all)
525 Boldore/Gantoru (boulder)
526 Gigalith/Gigaiath (giga+lithos, Greek "stone")
527 Woobat/Koromori (woo+bat, "woo" as in "to court someone", ie courtship)
528 Swoobat/Kokoromori (swoon+bat) (starry-eyed...)
529 Drilbur/Mogurew (drill+burrow)
530 Excadrill/Doryuzu (excavate+drill)
531 Audino/Tabunne ("I don't know"; the original translates as "maybe") (i dunno lol ¯\(°_o)/¯)
532 Timburr/Dokkora (timber)
533 Gurdurr/Dotekkotsu (girder) (HURR DURR)
534 Conkeldurr/Roobushin (concrete+elder)
535 Tympole/Otamaro (timpani+tadpole, timpani are a type of drum)
536 Palpitoad/Gamagaru (palpitation+toad, palpitations refer to any type of tremor or pulse) (Zekurom for original def, Gymnotide@PokéCommunity for corrections)
537 Seismitoad/Gamageroge (seismic+toad)
538 Throh/Nageki (throw; it likes throwing things)
539 Sawk/Dageki (to sock someone, that is to say, to punch or strike something with great force)
540 Sewaddle/Kurumiru (sew+swaddle)
541 Swadloon/Kurumayu (swaddle+cocoon) (Gymnotide@PokéCommunity)
542 Leavanny/Hahakomori (leaf+nanny)
543 Venipede/Fushide (venom+centipede)
544 Whirlipede/Wheega (whirl+centipede)
545 Scolipede/Pendra (both from the centipede genus Scolopendra)
546 Cottonee/Monmen (cotton)
547 Whimsicott/Elfoon (whimsical+cotton)
548 Petilil/Churine (petal+lily)
549 Lilligant/Doredia (lily+elegant)
550 Basculin/Basslao (bass+masculine)
551 Sandile/Meguroco (sand+crocodile)
552 Krokorok/Waruvile
553 Krookodile/Waruvial (crook+crocodile)
554 Darumaka/Darumakka (daruma doll+makka, Japanese "crimson")
555 Darmanitan/Hihidaruma (daruma doll+orangutan)
556 Maractus/Marakacchi (maraca+cactus, maracas are a shaking instrument native to Latin America)
557 Dwebble/Ishizumai (dwelling+pebble)
558 Crustle/Iwaparesu (crust+pebble)
559 Scraggy/Zuruggu
560 Scrafty/Zuruzukin (crafty, ie. sneaky and clever)
561 Sigilyph/Symbola (sigil+glyph, a sigil is a symbol created for a magical purpose, glyph means "carving, engraving" in Greek)
562 Yamask/Deathmas (Yama+mask, Yama is lord of the dead in Hindu myth)
563 Cofagrigus/Deathkan (coffin+sarcophagus)
564 Tirtouga/Purotoga (tortuga, Spanish "turtle")
565 Carracosta/Abagoura (carapace+coast?)
566 Archen (archaeopteryx)
567 Archeops/Archeos (archaeopteryx)
568 Trubbish/Yabukuron (trash+rubbish)
569 Garbodor/Dasutodasu (garbage+odor, "smell")
570 Zorua (zorro, Spanish "fox", from Basque azeri, "fox")
571 Zoroark (zorro+dark)
572 Minccino/Chillarmy (mink+chino cloth)
573 Cinccino/Chillaccino (chinchilla+chino cloth)
574 Gothita/Gothimu (goth, -ita is a feminine diminutive. Also, lolita. Yeah.)
575 Gothorita/Gothimille
576 Gothitelle/Gothiruselle (goth+mademoiselle, French for "lady") (why not Gothiselle?)
577 Solosis/Uniran (solo+mitosis)
578 Duosion/Doubran (duo+fission)
579 Reuniclus/Ranculus (reunion+nucleus)
580 Ducklett/Koaruhie (duck, -lett is another diminutive)
581 Swanna (swan) (I'm going to find a male Swanna and name it after this kid - let's see if people can catch the [rather longwinded] reference. No, not his codename.)
582 Vanillite/Vanipeti (vanilla+lite, yet another diminutive)
583 Vanillish/Vanirich (vanilla+delicious)
584 Vanilluxe/Baivanilla (vanilla+deluxe)
585 Deerling/Shikijika (deer+seedling)
586 Sawsbuck/Mebukijika (summer autumn winter spring, buck is a term for a male deer)
587 Emolga/Emonga (momonga, "flying squirrel)
588 Karrablast/Kaburumo (Carabidae, the family of ground beetles. Also kerato+plastron, kerato = Greek "horn", plastron being what we would call the 'belly' of a shelled creature)
589 Escavalier/Shubarugo (both from "escargot" and "cavalier", "snail" and "knight" in French)
590 Foongus/Tamegetake (a fungus among us)
591 Amoonguss/Morobareru (a fungus among us)
592 Frillish/Pururil (frill+jellyfish)
593 Jellicent/Burungel (jellyfish+magnificent)
594 Alomoloma/Mamanbou (Mola mola, ocean sunfish)
595 Joltik/Bachul (jolt+tick, and it certainly acts like one)
596 Galvantula/Dentula (galvanize+tarantula)
597 Ferroseed/Tesseed (ferrous+seed, from Latin ferrum, "iron")
598 Ferrothorn/Nuttrei (ferrous+thorn)
599 Klink/Giaru (onomatopoeic - iron hitting a hard surface)
600 Klang/Gigiaru (onomatopoeic - iron hitting a hard surface)
601 Klinklang/Gigigiaru (onomatopoeic - iron hitting a hard surface)
602 Tynamo/Shibishirasu (tiny+dynamo)
603 Eelektrik/Shibibiru (eel+electric)
604 Eelektross/Shibirudon (eel+electric+boss)
605 Elgyem/Rigray (LGM, little green men)
606 Beheeyem/Oobemu (BEM, bug-eyed monster)
607 Litwick/Hitomoshi (light+candlewick)
608 Lampent/Lamplar (lamp+lament/repent)
609 Chandelure/Shandela (chandelier+lure, ie. to lure something toward you or a trap; this is its hunting method)
610 Axew/Kibago (axe+chew/skew)
611 Fraxure/Onondo (fracture+axe)
612 Haxorus/Ononokus (hack+axe+saurus, Greek for "lizard" [masculine form]; I named one of my Scrafty "Savra", its feminine form) (OMG U HAXX0RZ!!1)
613 Cubchoo/Kumasyun (cub+achoo - onomatopoeic - sneeze)
614 Beartic/Tsunbear (bear+arctic)
615 Cryogonal/Freezio (cryo = Greek 'cold, freezing', 'hexagonal' referring to its shape)
616 Shelmet/Chobomaki (shell+helmet)
617 Accelgor/Agirudaa (accelerate, "to increase the speed of something")
618 Stunfisk/Maggyo (stun+lutefisk)
619 Mienfoo/Kojofu (???+kung fu, I assume "mien" or something similar is Chinese, but I don't know a meaning)
620 Mienshao/Kojondo (???+shaolin)
621 Druddigon/Crimgan (ruddy+dragon, "ruddy" is a descriptor for anything red in color)
622 Golett/Gobit (golem, and MORE DIMINUTIVES WHAT)
623 Golurk/Gorug (golem+...something that I'm sure means large or something similar but can't recall what exactly) (Golurk more plz)
624 Pawniard/Komatana (pawn+poignard, a poignard is a type of dagger) (chess piece)
625 Bisharp/Kirikizan (bishop+sharp) (chess piece; everything is superior to pawns. Thanks Mitsuru)
626 Bouffalant/Buffalon (buffalo+bouffant, "puffy"; this is where the hairstyle took its name from)
627 Rufflant/Washibon (ruffle)
628 Braviary/Wargle (bravery+avian)
629 Vullaby/Vulchai (vulture+baby)
630 Mandibuzz/Vultina (mandible+buzzard, the mandible is the lower jawbone)
631 Heatmor/Kuitaran (heat)
632 Durant/Iront (durable+ant)
633 Deino/Monozu (ein = German 'one', deinos = Greek 'terrible' [like the dinosaurs])
634 Zweilous/Jiheddo (zwei = German 'two', second word is probably "jealous")
635 Hydreigon/Sazandora (drei = German 'three', plus hydra and dragon)
636 Larvesta/Melarva (larva+Vesta, Roman goddess of the hearth)
637 Volcarona/Ulgamoth (volcano+corona, Italian "crown", also refers to the Sun's atmosphere as seen during an eclipse)
638 Cobalion/Cobalon (cobalt blue)
639 Terrakion (terra, Latin "earth")
640 Virizion (viridis, Latin "green")
641 Tornadus/Tornelos (tornado)
642 Thundurus/Voltolos (thunder)
643 Reshiram (rei+shiramu, Japanese "zero" and "turning white" respectively; "re" is a soft sound, to represent its feminine appearance - funny, because yang is masculine)
644 Zekrom (zero+kuromu, "growing dark"; "ze" is a hard sound, to represent its masculine appearance - funny, because yin is feminine)
645 Landorus/Landlos (land)
646 Kyurem (kyuurei, Japanese "rapid cooling")

647 Keldeo (kelpie, legendary water horses from Celtic mythology)
648 Meloetta (melody+ -etta, typical ending for a female name)
649 Genesect (genesis+insect)

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  1. The Outrage's Avatar
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    You know, just because name meanings are interesting doesn't make the overall name actually any good. Though, most of the ones you went over are pretty good.

    Also Volcarona is Volcano + Corona probably.
  2. Hyperion09's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Outrage
    You know, just because name meanings are interesting doesn't make the overall name actually any good. Though, most of the ones you went over are pretty good.

    Also Volcarona is Volcano + Corona probably.
    This is for getting the meanings down, not for me to rant about "X name is bad" or whatever. I haven't finished yet, but if you can come up with meanings for the ones I left out within the bold (that aren't the elemental monkeys), feel free.
    Updated 14th January 2011 at 11:27 PM by Hyperion09
  3. Zekurom's Avatar
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    So Shubarugo would "properly" be romanized Shubargot, correct?

    Because that's the one I'm going to use.
  4. The Outrage's Avatar
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    Trubbish (Trash + Rubbish)
    Solosis (Solo + Mitosis
  5. Miar's Avatar
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    • permalink
    I thought most of these were unconfirmed and taken down.
  6. Hyperion09's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miar
    I thought most of these were unconfirmed and taken down.
    Seeing as how the newly revealed official names match up with the ones on this list...I'd say they're real, or at least very close matches. They were probably taken down from other sites because they don't want to get in trouble from Nintendo (certainly Serebii isn't saying anything, and this is the most likely reason).
  7. Mitsuru's Avatar
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    Since Pawniard is based on Pawn, Bisharp is based on Bishop. /ChessNerd
  8. Mijzelffan's Avatar
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    Snivy is based on just SNake and IVY, not snide >.>
  9. Hyperion09's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mijzelffan
    Snivy is based on just SNake and IVY, not snide >.> has a snide attitude. There's no rule that says "multiple plays on words are not allowed". Snake is just the most obvious to the little kids.
  10. Zekurom's Avatar
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    Palpitoad = "Palpitation + Toad"?
  11. yousuf89's Avatar
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    Servine = serpent + vine
    Boldore = boulder + ore
    Woobat = wool + bat, wool due to its look
    Krokorok = crocodile + crook
    Dwebble = dwell + pebble
    Crustle = crustacean + pebble
    Alomomola = mola mola, ocean sunfish + mom
    Stunfisk = stun + fisk, fish in Danish and Norwegian
    Braviary = brave + aviary
    Heatmor = heat + armor

    I think Keldeo came from:
    rodeo = sport involving skills with horses, cows and other livestock
  12. yousuf89's Avatar
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    Yamask = yama, birthmark in Turkish + mask
  13. Kamen_Fanatic's Avatar
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    The "Mien" in Mienfoo and Mienshao is derieved from ermine, a member of the weasel family.
  14. Kamen_Fanatic's Avatar
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    Also, Zebstrika also has "raika" and the Japanses pronouncation of "striker" in it.


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