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  1. This one goes out to the owner of this Blog.

    by , 27th August 2011 at 08:34 PM (Title of Blog)

    If there's anything I want, then it's for you to be happy and safe. Now that Irene is headed towards NY, that wish is stronger than ever before.

    We both wish we could be there for each other right now. But even though we physically aren't, only a thought is enough to make things better.

    Hang in there. And remember that

    So let Irene know that she has ...
  2. Pokémon Universe Series

    by , 8th July 2011 at 07:52 AM (Title of Blog)

    Banner by the marvelous Kamex.
  3. Pokémon SoulSilver: Part 17

    by , 12th June 2011 at 05:12 PM (Title of Blog)
    On the way to Mahogany Town, I spotted something very surprising! I was heading over there and found myself face to face with Suicune! It looked at me and quickly fled away. Soon after, Eusine came to investigate.

    Eusine: How brave it is!

    Me: Whoa! How do you always find me like this?

    Eusine: Searching for Suicune, of course. You two seem to be in the same place frequently.

    Me: Right.... uh.. okay then.

    Eusine: Suicune... ...
  4. Pokémon SoulSilver: Part 16

    by , 12th June 2011 at 11:28 AM (Title of Blog)
    I returned to the Radio Tower, this time with my Card Key that will grant me access into a new area of the tower. As soon as I used the Card Key, grunts were already waiting for me to try and keep me from reaching the Executives.


    Nico vs. Rocket
    1 - Root vs. Raticate
    Winner - Root
    2 - Helena vs. Koffing
    Winner - Helena


    When I had defeated this grunt, I hurried ...
  5. Pokémon SoulSilver: Part 14

    by , 10th June 2011 at 04:13 PM (Title of Blog)
    Elm: Nico, how are things going?

    Me: Pretty good.

    Elm: I called because something weird is happening with the radio broadcasts. They were talking about Team Rocket.

    Me: Don't worry, Professor. I know exactly where they must be.

    Elm: I'm counting on you to find out about this. I apologize if it interferes with your research.

    Me: I was actually on the lookout for them. I guess I don't have to look as hard anymore.
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