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  1. Music from Final Fantasy

    Distant Worlds II Music 01 - Prelude

    I feel like this is what I'll be hearing when I rise into heaven. It's so beautiful, I teared up when I first heard it.
  2. Buzz's Song Glist: Bieber

    Sam Evans' Justin Bieber Cover Band, The Justin Bieber Experience, performs this song for New Directions, dedicating it to his girlfriend, Quinn Fabray.

  3. Buzz's Song Glist: Queen

    Vocal Adrenaline's performance at Regionals 2010 happened simultaneously with Quinn going into labor. The Queen song was what won Vocal Adrenaline the Regionals trophy.

    Updated 28th September 2011 at 04:43 PM by Buzz

    Title of Life Category
  4. Buzz's Song Glist: Desire

    When Kurt's father is facing rough times concerning his health, in a coma due to a heart attack, Kurt dedicates this song to him.

  5. Buzz's Song Glist: Fun

    The Glee Cover of Animal is truly an incredibly fun song. The Warblers are trying to change their style for Regionals and use this song as the first step toward doing so.

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