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Buzz's Song Glist

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Day 1: Favorite Glee Song
Day 2: Least Favourite Glee Song
Day 3: A Song That Makes You Happy
Day 4: A Song That Makes You Sad
Day 5: A Cover of Your Favorite Band
Day 6: A Cover of a Band You Don't Like
Day 7: A Song That Best Describes Your Day Today
Day 8: A Song You Didn't Like Until Glee Covered It
Day 09: A Song You Liked Until Glee Covered It
Day 10: A Song From Your Favorite Episode
Day 11: A Song From Your Least Favourite Episode
Day 12: A Song From Your Favourite Character
Day 13: A Song From Your Least Favourite Character
Day 14: A Song You're Embarrassed to Like
Day 15: A Song That Has to Be Played Aloud
Day 16: A Song From Your Favourite Album
Day 17: A Song You Can't Listen to Without Singing
Day 18: Funniest Song
Day 19: Most Underrated Song
Day 20: Song With Best Vocals
Day 21: Song From Your Favourite Storyline
Day 22: Song That Is Most Played On Your iTunes
Day 23: Song That Is Played the Least On Your iTunes
Day 24: Song That Means Something To You
Day 25: Favorite Competition Song
Day 26: A Song You Wish You Could Sing
Day 27: A Song You Would Play At Your Wedding
Day 28: Favorite Group Number
Day 29: A Song You Would Sing to the Person Who Is Closest to You
Day 30: Favourite Song From Another Glee Club

"So freaking charming!”

“What’s that saying? The show’s gotta go all over the place, or something.”

“Someone get me to a day spa stat!”

"Do I even need to tell you what song? Horns, strings, keep up."

"Let me tell you, chicks DIG singers. "

"All I wanna do"

"There are so many lyrics!"


"Hold your breath. Make a wish. Count to three."

"Heeeeeeere...we go."

"Is this hot enough for you?"

"Yes! Best Party Ever!"

"From the top."

"I haven't brushed yet."

"Sloppy freak show babies!"

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