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Another bandwagon. This time it's Final Fantasy.

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by , 4th April 2012 at 02:06 PM (260 Views)
I'm gonna end up doing a lot of these. This is supposed to span quite a few days... oh well!

DAY 01 - Favorite Game
Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. I believe that the gameplay and story perfectly bland all characters together to make one beautiful game created from the games that are already beautiful on their own.

DAY 02 - Least Favorite Game
Final Fantasy II. I wasn't attracted to the conflicts in the game at all.

DAY 03 - Favorite Protagonist
Of the main protagonists... I would have to choose Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII.

DAY 04 - Least Favorite Character
Hojo! I hate Hojo from Final Fantasy VII... although I appreciate his antics as a character. I just don't like him in the way that you're supposed to not like him.

DAY 05 - Favorite White Magic Spell
Curaja. It's just so.. healing.

DAY 06 - Favorite Antagonist
JENOVA from Final Fantasy VII and/or Caius from Final Fantasy XIII-2

DAY 07 - Limit Break/Overdrive/Dyne/Trance Effect
I guess Limit Break.

DAY 08 - Favorite mini-game
I enjoyed playing the clock casino game in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

DAY 09 - What do you think about Final Fantasy XIII?
I love it. The story is unique, the gameplay is an interesting twist, and the graphics, of course, are astounding.

DAY 10 - Favorite couple?
Zack/Aerith and Cloud/Tifa both from Final Fantasy VII equally.

DAY 11 - Who do you think shouldn’t belong in the Dissidia Roster?
Laguna from Final Fantasy VIII. Balthier from Final Fantasy XII could have easily been in his place, plus I like Balthier a lot more.

DAY 12 - Favorite “cheerful girl”
Penelo from Final Fantasy XII and Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII are tied, although Vanille did more in the plot of her game.

DAY 13 - What is your favorite race
Humans are cool. But if I had to choose between the non-humans, I'd say Moogles.

DAY 14 - Favorite Type of Transportation [Train, Airship, Ragnarok etc.]
Airship. It's so much quicker. Or, even to step it up a notch, the Lunar Whale from Final Fantasy IV.

DAY 15 - Favorite Summon
Odin's good, but Bahamut's better.

DAY 16 - Favorite Job
White Mage. They heal you, which nobody else can do as efficiently.

DAY 17 - Least Favorite Summon
I have no clue. Ramuh?

DAY 18 - Least Favorite Job
Theif, although I oddly love Locke from Final Fantasy VI.

DAY 19 - Favorite Battle System
I really like Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XIII-2 because of how different they are from the rest.

DAY 20 - Favorite Chocobo Theme
Final Fantasy VII!!

DAY 21 - Favorite Boss Battle
How about.... IDK nothing comes to mind.

DAY 22 - Favorite Theme
Aerith's Theme from Final Fantasy VII, performed by the Distant Worlds orchestra.

DAY 23 - Favorite Black Magic Spell

DAY 24 - Favorite Quote
"You spoony bard!" Tellah, Final Fantasy IV

DAY 25 - Favorite Monster
I suppose Cactuar.

DAY 26 - Favorite Weapon/Type of Weapon
I really like Lightning's Gunblade from Final Fantasy XIII and Kain's Lance from Final Fantasy IV

DAY 27 - Favorite Scene in any game
The scene when Vanille reveals her past to Sazh in Nautilis in Final Fantasy XIII.

DAY 28 - If Final Fantasy Type-0, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and Final Fantasy XIV were the last games to be made. How would you feel?
I would be unbelievably sad!

DAY 29 - How many Final Fantasy games do you own?
I, II, IV: The Complete Collection, VI, VII, XII, XIII, XIII-2, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Dissidia, Dissidia 012,

DAY 30 - Has Final Fantasy made an impact in your life? If so, how? If not, what do you like about the whole series itself?
Each game has its own story with characters and plots that draw you in for a magical ride. Without Final Fantasy, I wouldn't have many experiences in the world of fiction that I do now, and I look forward to future installments and how I can relate and learn from each story.

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