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That Guy: What "A" Nice Surprise

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by , 23rd August 2012 at 04:41 AM (223 Views)
Well, today is GCSE results day, and, if you hadn't already guessed by the title of this blog post- yay- I did well.

I actually hadn't intended to check my results until later, but my mother came into my room and forcibly woke me up, telling me to fire up my laptop and check, since my father was, while at work, on the phone, and anxious to find out the results. Seriously? Am I the only person who doesn't care quite that much?

Whatever. As anticipated, I had nothing to be afraid of. 6 of my 10 GCSEs came out as A* grades, and the other 4 were A grades- a further two of which were high As, on the border of A* level. Well, f*ck you, too, AQA and OCR, respectively.

In my being awesome, I have further secured myself a future. Yay. And they said on the news just now that GCSE candidates getting As and A*s are actually declining in number, so I have therefore beaten the odds. But I'm not one to brag about it. ...Okay, maybe a little, or else I wouldn't have made this blog post.

If I may dabble in philosophy for a moment, I know that the grand majority of people out there really- like, really- don't give a sh*t about my personal achievements here, and I get that. But these are my first proper nationally-recognised qualifications, and they show just how good I am. In the case of Maths- one of my surprise A* subjects- it's an internationally-recognised qualification. Also yay. The point is, I care enough to share this stuff online, even if/though you don't.

In slightly more random news, I asked a question in my previous blog post that nobody answered. I feel so loved. Also, while I was wandering around Reading the other day, I happened across a small videogame shop where I found both Okami and Sly 3: Honour Among Thieves, neither of which I've seen anywhere else. And yesterday, I bought New Super Mario Bros. 2. It's incredible just how you can treat yourself when you're young, earning money and ineligible to pay taxes...

And so, on the notes of having ordered Okamiden online- and that it arrived about 10 minutes ago- and that this has been a slightly shorter blog post than is usual from me, I shall shut the hell up about my rather lovely GCSE results and my life in general. Now go out there and have as nice a day as you deserve.

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