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by , 21st December 2012 at 01:34 PM (331 Views)
Not everything has gone quite according to plan, but I'm going to be starring in my own little tutorial webseries entitled How Do I English?. At the moment, all I have to work with is the webcam on my laptop and a microphone of unknown quality, but I'm hoping I can get something decent out of them, since my college's media department flatly refused to lend me a camera, even to use in their own studio. Sh*t happens.

Sometime before I go back to college in January, I'm going to film a pilot episode/trailer thing to advertise the series, and I'll present that to both my English teacher and the media department. Hopefully, the latter can be convinced that I'm worth getting behind with this project.

It does shock me, though, that I feel the need to run this, but it's clearly necessary; nobody else in my English class can properly identify grammar, and my entire generation, more or less-- and every subsequent generation of UK residents, it seems-- appears to be completely or almost completely incapable of using the English language properly, and that, dear reader, is a chronic, crying shame.

Now, I could understand this incapacity if we were talking about English usage in a country where English is not an official language, but no. We're talking about England itself, arguably the home and creator of the English language, and when the people of England can't speak their own language to any degree of accuracy, that's just enough to make my soul die a little. Why? Because, being English in origin also, I'm lumped in with this inept society, as are all of you who are reading this and thinking, "Hang on; I'm also English, but I don't have any trouble speaking the language!" Well, that's how I feel.

But let's not get bogged down in rage. I'm trying to remedy this problem. As the deliberately-facetious title suggests, How Do I English? is going to be a series of short videos, about 5 minutes in length, explaining the finer points of English in close detail. Once that's done with, I'll broaden my focus to other areas of the A-level English Language course, convering mode-analysis and child language acquisition. After all, you know you've revised well when you can stare down the barrel of a camera and explain everything you know in the simplest terms to what is effectively a baby-minded nation.

If I'm coming across as offensive, sorry, but that's just how annoyed I feel when people who are native speakers of English make mistakes and act like it's nothing, or even joke about it. I've never encountered such flippance in any non-English speaking country. What's happened to the modern English-speaking youth? Where has our pride in accuracy gone?

Irregardless, hopefully, How Do I English? will be able to help those precious few who can't use grammar correctly but want to learn how to. It's a small percentage of the nation, but it's a larger percentage than that of people who can already use grammar properly aged up to 18.

So, to conclude: I'm not trying to be offensive; I'm venting frustration, and I'll be making a webseries to be released in early 2013. Wish me luck, or don't.

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