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There's a glaringly obvious pun in the title of this blog entry that you probably won't understand unless you read this. And you don't even have to read it. But then, that's my issue.

As you may or (more likely) may not be aware, Alex64 and I co-write a series called The Element Emeralds (or TEE for short. There you go. That was the pun in the title. I'm feeling insecure about TEE. Insecurity. Ha.), and we like to think that we have fans, but there's this one question that bothers me...Do we?

I mean, at the end of the day, I suppose it doesn't really matter if we have fans or readers at all, because we write for the fun of it, but it's nice to feel appreciated. And though I've noticed that our various threads containing our work (we write through the medium of Private RPs) get the occasional visitor- lurkers, usually, but the occasional named user. Once, we managed to have about 8 different people reading one thread.

But since we have no obvious medium through which to be contacted, I can't tell what's going on- whether these people found our threads by accident, whether they like it or not, whether they're even reading it...Maybe I'm paranoid. In fact, I probably am. But still...

I assure you that this show of paranoia or concern or whatever it is is not an advertising campaign, but if it works like one, so much the better. And if you, good reader, happen to be intrigued, we have our own official series wiki. Just check this link here. The whole premise of the series is explained there.

Maybe I'm worrying about nothing. Maybe part of me just wants attention. I don't know. But I appreciate it whenever someone takes the time to view our work. Of course, I can't (nor do I intend to) claim all the credit for what we have accomplished. As mentioned above, most of the series (with the exception of the parts entitled EEA: The Miasma and Fortune Favours The Brave, which I wrote (or am continuing to write, in the case of FFTB) myself, alone) is co-written with me by Alex64, and series artwork, which is still ongoing, is provided by our highly-talented artist who, on here, goes by the username BLAH BLAH BLAH.

If you take the time to check our stuff out, thank you. If you don't, also thank you- for exercising your choice to turn down my suggestion. Though I'd prefer it if you did give TEE a chance. The wiki, again, is found here, and it contains links to each part of the series that has been written so far.

Thanks for your time. Whatever happens, some kind of response here is sure to allay my concerns, assuming that they aren't proven correct...

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Updated 16th June 2012 at 11:13 AM by That Guy

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  1. Baron Brixius's Avatar
    I'd like to, but it's too big a read.
  2. That Guy's Avatar

    I appreciate the feedback.


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