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That Blog: Hope, Earrings and Buying Fake Flowers

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That sums up my week in a nutshell, though kind of in the wrong order. This week on the whole, though, has been hot. Hotter than the UK has any earthly right to being at this time of year. That said, as far as I can remember, it has never, ever rained on my birthday, which is coming up. But just you watch-- me saying that will probably jinx it. Oh, well. Worth it!

So, yeah. It's been a hot one this week. And call me a pussy all you want; I think that 28 degrees Celsius is frustratingly hot, especially when it heats up your bedroom so much that it could be half the temperature outside the coming night; it's still too hot to sleep. I did go out to B&Q and get a fan, though, and it's pretty powerful, so that's that combatted. Just as the weather starts to cool down again. In the words of a friend of mine from Hannover: "Oh, fack off! ...Goodnight!"

On Tuesday, I went into town with my mother, since she needed a re-piercing for one of her ears, as her old piercing had split, and while we were there, she wanted to pick up some fake flowers to brighten up our new living-room. You know, because we only moved here, like, last week. Ultimately, we ended up with two small bunches of roses and a whole load of multicoloured blossom-on-a-stick. Lovely. Also, we got a 45-litre plastic storage container, which now lives under my bed with the two others. Don't ask.

Skip ahead to Friday, and she and I decided to go and visit the local monastery, since we're both sort of into looking at old buildings, and it is a tourist attraction. It was still sort of creepy, though. It wasn't even open to visitors that day anyway, so we were politely shooed away by the only monk on-site that hadn't taken the vow of silence. In short, if you've ever played Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident, it was kind of a little bit like that, but without the magic pink dust or the find-the-thing minigames.

Since we were in the area, we went into the town centre again to have lunch, and I ended up getting my ears pierced. As I later relayed to m'colleague: via the medium of a yin-yang earstud in each ear, I'm officially conveying my sexual orientation to the general public...and my parents still haven't worked it out. On a personal note: I'd rather they worked it out that me having to tell them. And that's that.

So, for better or for worse, I can't take these earstuds back out until the first week of September, and I can't wear hoop earrings until December 27th, but I guess that's not an issue. My birthday is coming up, as I said, so perhaps I can coerce members of the extended family to buy me earrings if they don't know what to get me, since I'm at that age where, unless you live in the same house as me, you don't know what is acceptable to buy for me, and you won't give me money, despite me asking for it, because it's somehow 'immoral' or something. I don't know.

And spin forward to right now, Saturday night. I finished watching chuggaaconroy's LP of Super Mario Luigi Galaxy on YouTube, and I started casting around the interwebz for something to do. And I discover the Wikipedia entry for Fifty Shades of Grey. Jesus Christ- how is it socially acceptable for people to sit on a train and read that tripe?! Isn't it tantamount to being in the same position but reading a copy of Playboy instead, or something? Or is it just acceptable because it's marketted towards women, and female perverts don't exist, but all men, by default, are perverted?

However, hearing about the origins Fifty Shades of OMGWTFBBQ has actually given me a strange sense of hope. It started as Twilight fanfiction, and all that's changed between that and the novel is that the characters and setting got a bit of a change. Well, that has given me the thought that, unlikely though it is, there is a glimmering speck of a chance that my beloved The Element Emeralds, given its connections with official canons of other games is incredibly loose, could also prosper into something official. I hope so. I can't speak for m'colleague, but I hope he thinks the same way.

...What I mean is that I hope that what is effectively our loose fan-work can become something big and successful and gain a massive cult following in the same way Fifty Shades has. As for the pornographic Seriously...I mean, if you like that trilogy, no offence, but still...Don't hate me for my opinions. I just like to keep things clean in terms of publically-acceptable literature...

Oddly enough, despite me focusing so much on that particular subject in this blog post, I didn't want to go on about it, so I'll stop now. In other news, I think I might be able to plug my laptop into my TV and record me (or even better, me plus others) playing video-games, so I can slap on some post-commentary and put it on YouTube. It's a shame I didn't think of it sooner- I was playing 2-player Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg against a friend of mine yesterday, in the mode where you get points for hatching animals from eggs (yeah, it makes sense in context), on the setting where you need 30 points to win a match, and I managed to beat her by 56 points to none. That's two points off the theoretical maximum for 2P mode. YouTube would have loved to have seen that.

But no point dwelling on what could have been. There are 10 minutes left of Saturday right now, so I'm going to give my last possible middle-fingered-salute to ITV1 this week while I still can, and enjoy a glass of Pepsi. Yeah, that's right, ITV. I said Pepsi. So you can take your Coca-Cola and your stop-motion adverts and ask E. L. James just where to shove them.

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