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That Blog: Bored, Boring, and Multilingual

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And alliterative combo-breaker. As ever, I have nothing to do, so I'm blogging. Yay. And if anyone cares enough to read this, then I'd also like to pitch a question to the general ether.

So I kind of have plans to cover some songs. This all started when I sang Woki Mit Deim Popo in my old school's end-of-Year-11 assembly, and my loving audience wanted me to record a 'studio' version for them. But I want to go one better than that; I want to cover a bunch of songs. But I must make two stipulations: they must be from the Eurovision Song Contest, and they must be, in whole or in part, in a foreign language. With that in mind, does anyone care enough to suggest some songs for me to cover (besides Woki Mit Deim Popo, of course, and Nije Ljubav Stvar, which I plan to do anyway)?

Now that the question-pitching is out of the way, allow me to proceed to the boring part of the blog, where I talk about recent events. Good news: there are none to be had. But I will be visiting Reading tomorrow, and I'll be getting my GCSE results a week today. And I'll be flying to Lanzarote a week and a day after that. Such fun.

And that covers two out of the three aspects of today's blog title. I've been boring. I've mentioned my linguistic tendencies. Now for a bit about me: I'm bored. Hence my writing this. Once again, m'colleague seems to have forgotten me. However, this time, I'm certain that there is a perfect reason for it that he has neglected to share with me. Either that, or I misread a message from him and he's actually busy all of this week instead of just last weekend...but who knows? Wait...he does. And his immediate family. ...And probably his close friends IRL, too. ...Shut up!

Since I've pretty much run dry of things to talk about, and this blog entry is shaping up to be uncharacteristically short at this point, I may as well mention two minute, random details about my life. One: I've found my dice collection again. I hadn't lost them; I'd just mis-placed them while I was moving house. Two: last night, I had a dream that, for a dare, I was making out with Rigby from Regular Show. I'm not going to look that up in my dream dictionary, if you don't mind. I'll just put it down as being a WTF, BRAIN?! moment. But I'm not saying I didn't enjoy it.

Well, I think that extra paragraph lengthened this particular blog entry sufficiently, so on that note, I shall shut the hell up, and leave you with the rollings of my ten-strong dice collection.
Thank you, and goodnight.

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