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That Blog: The Best Thing Since Guti

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I shall update my blog thusly: with a few reactions of mine to recent events. Because I react to things. Therefore I must be alive. Uh...yay, I guess?

First things first, the point that relates to my oh-so-injokey title. Today was my German Listening exam, and language exams usually bring, to our school community, injokes. The origin of 'Guti' is a character from a Spanish exam, and he happened to be a dead ringer for a member of my Spanish class. For that reason, we have been calling him Guti ever since. That's what we do. Other nicknames within our class include 'Farthead', 'Cackash' and 'Meester Reyani'. So it's not bullying. Or if it is, it's consensual.

Now, the thing with the German exam, since I seem to have been sidetracked. One question asked for the opinions of two German politicians in a recording of some kind of discussion (which, I assume, was fabricated for the purposes of the exam). So this male politician goes on this 30-second rant about how videogames are too violent and 'worse than horror films' for kids to watch (and I agree). But this is the fun part.

While part (a) of the question was to identify what Herr Politician thought of videogames, part (b) focused on a female politician arguing a different way. And her voice was so laid-back that it, combined with the bottom line of what she was saying, called the following image to mind immediately:

And the other thing I'm going to be reacting to for your amusement today is my previous blog post. I wasn't expecting it to receive much attention, and it didn't, but still, I can't help but feel thusly:

And the final, bonus reaction to something today is this: I think I'll take a few minutes' break in which I obtain a glass of Pepsi and pester one of my cats. Paċi! ... Jew xi ħaġa li jixbaħ ħafna lil dak. Tkun xi tkun inti żżomm kuntenti. Banana, forsi. Banana huma jibred.
(Or, at least, I think that's how you say it...)
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