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The Start of 2011

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Fireworks on TV were awesome, will be there in person next year as it's the last New Year that any of us shall see.

My first official act of 2011 is drinking beer and playing Gears of War 2, cutting open a giant worm from the inside out. Start as you mean to go on, so they say.

Well, I hope that 2011 will be a more eventful and enjoyable year for everyone on Bulbagarden!

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  1. DJ Scruffy's Avatar
    Anothah Gears fan?
  2. Snoozle's Avatar
    Yep yep, we're currently playing through on co-op mode, and it's a big improvement over the first game I have to say.
  3. DJ Scruffy's Avatar
    It definitely is. You gonna hop in to multiplayer? If so, be glad you didn't do it at launch. That shit was so buggy. It was hilarious though.
  4. Snoozle's Avatar
    Actually I don't play online unless it's free, so GoW is out of the window.

    But we're playing through the offline campaign at the moment and it's pretty awesome. We finally managed to finish off the big fish in the lake, and hopefully will be able to finish saving the world tomorrow!


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