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It's the final countdown

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Dododoodoo, dododoodoodoo, dododoodooo, dododoodoodoodoodoo etc.

Last day of work, we've been given luxury chocolates and wine as our bonus this year (as the company has'nt much money), which is slightly better than last year's bonus: "You got to keep your jobs".

An embarrassing staff party awaits this evening, that is if the taxi companies don't decide that they're going to refuse to drive when there's maybe one or two little patches of ice in the entire county (and don't get me started on those people who drive around at 10mph just because the man on the BBC news told them to).

This time I shall definitely be taking my camera along, as events of previous years should have been documented and preserved for distribution to all involved. Some have speculated that this year's party could well be the worst in history, but wherever there's booze there's a way.

In other news, all but one of my Christmas gifts have arrived, but at least 1/3 of that gift is here so it can be given in installments. The person I'm giving it to is notorious for delivering late presents, so at least we'll be even this year (it took him 4 months to finally get my birthday present last year).

Pokémon Monopoly has yet to arrive, so we're down to just the last 2 days before having to resort to boring old regular Monopoly ._.
The gifts to myself have all arrived but one, so I shall be uploading picshurs when I summon the effort to do so (hopefully on Friday if I get up before it gets dark).

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