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by , 19th January 2011 at 09:52 AM (196 Views)
Is it just me, or has the "Latest Blog Entry" link at the bottom of the forum disappeared?

Guess I won't be getting any sympathy/curiosity views any more (read: no views whatsoever), but I was kind of getting sick of seeing the same people who keep posting crap, 2-line entries just to be the one displayed on the main page.

It's somewhat of a shame, because I was going to start up a new series of entries which could possibly be of interest to some people, and now they shall never be seen. Still, at least it'll give me something to focus on.

Oh, cock. It just suddenly came back after I posted this. Guess those attention-seekers will get their wish granted again. Oh well, perhaps there's hope for my project, hurrah!

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