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Farewell, kitty.

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My precious companion has departed today.

15+ years of crazy times and companionship throughout my childhood, teens and young-adult life, sadly unable to continue to see me through my transition into university and beyond.

Never shall I replace your conditional affection, total understanding and unwavering support of whatever I may be, or choose to be.

Farewell, Runty. May you go now to a place where your meowings are answered instantly with cupcakes and cream.

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  1. ghaskan's Avatar
    RIP Runty. :(
  2. Rabidtangerine's Avatar
    Aw, I'm sorry to hear that. I had a cat that my parents had since before I was born, and I was so depressed when she died last year. I can honestly say I know how you feel, and you have my condolences.
  3. Ferbgor's Avatar
    If it makes you feel better, My cats always die within months. My most recent cat, Don George died within 2 weeks.
  4. Froakie's Avatar
    Oh no! I'm so sorry! :( It's so hard losing animals, especially if they've been with you for such a long time.
  5. Ivysaur's Avatar
    I'm sorry for your loss. :(
  6. Oswin's Avatar
    Aw man that sucks :/ Hope your ok!
  7. Snoozle's Avatar
    Thanks for the support, everyone.

    It's a crippling blow to lose anyone or anything close to you that has basically shared your entire emotional life.

    I've never really been super-close to another human, only for short periods of time, so losing the one that's actually been there by my side throughout everything that's happened in my life and never questioning or demanding or abandoning makes me feel like I've lost an actual part of myself. Lame as it sounds, my kitty was almost carrying a part of my own life along with her.

    This genuinely sucks ass, but it's life.
  8. Meron's Avatar
    I'm really sorry, I can sorta imagine how you feel as losing my 3½ year old kitty was painful enough.
  9. Karamazov's Avatar
    I'm sorry to hear that. Losing something you care about is always painful.
  10. CrackFox's Avatar
    If it makes you feel better, My cats always die within months. My most recent cat, Don George died within 2 weeks.
    Actually that makes us feel worse.

    Sorry, it really is heartbreaking to lose a pet you love, more so than a family member in my experience.
  11. The Puppetmaster's Avatar
    I hope you're doing alright. Keep in mind that you'll always have your memories. :)
  12. Snoozle's Avatar
    The worst part is that I feel like I've betrayed her trust.

    She probably woke up this morning looking forward to having some food, sleeping a bit and getting some attention, instead I forcefully removed her from her safe home, took her to a vet and had her killed.

    It's gutting to know that in her mind she was absolutely fine, it's just that her body was starting to deteriorate. I just hope that in her final moments she wasn't left wondering what she did to deserve what happened, that she didn't feel betrayed, and that I'll be able to shake off my crippling guilt someday.

    I've taken her life away from her, who am I to decide who should live or die? I'm sure that, given the choice, she'd've been happy to go on living her peaceful life.

    Humane or not, this is the shittiest I've ever felt. I've killed my most trusted ally.

    When I come downstairs tomorrow morning I'm still going to expect to see her, it's basically all I've ever known.

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