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Snoozle's Adventures in Pokémon Land

3DS Woes + Addictions + Advertising

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by , 22nd March 2011 at 10:19 AM (768 Views)

I know it's only a 3-day wait until Fraiday, but had the PayPal payment not screwed up, I could've been enjoying my 3DS today *sniff*.

Sure, I'm gonna be paying the same price for the console and 2 games with this pre-order, but getting it 3 days before release date is essential to maintain top nerd status; now I'm just in with the other shit-munchers

In other news, I've lately become addicted to Cardmon Hero, a new cutesy, monster-summon-based MMORPG which is currently in open beta testing. It's a slightly different take on the usual formula, so if you're looking for a new alternative online experience you might want to try it.

Speaking of addictions, Twin Peaks has been soaking up a lot of my free time lately, and I have our very own saviour, Kakuna Matata, to blame/thank for this. It's a very interesting series, with lots of quirky characters and charming scenery, almost every building, person or location has its own story to tell.

If you're old enough to appreciate good television and clever/crazy writing, or like mystery, murder and just a smattering of paranormal activity, then I advise giving it a watch.

Whilst I'm in a salesmanic mode, I'd like to extend my gratitude to eBay seller ego-trip who did an awesome job finding me a mint (and I mean absolutely immaculate) copy of Pocket Monsters Midori, which has always been the one Pokémon-related item that I most wanted to own.

I shall begin (after very carefully removing the cartridge) my grand adventure in the very first Pokémon game ever released (way back in 1996) as soon as I complete my playthough of SoulSilver (and I wonder just how hard the generation shift is going to hit).

tl;dr - 3DS stuff bad, Twin Peaks, new MMORPG + Pokémon good.

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  1. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
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    I lol'd at the third and fourth line.

    Blame most definitely fits, for the early series is like a drug that leaves you craving more and more~ I will except nothing less than a 3DS as payment for getting you into such a wonderful series.

    Congrats at further advancing your collection with Green. May your nostalgia trip be a most joyous one.
  2. Snoozle's Avatar
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    Yeaaahhhh, I've decided I'm gonna take half a day off work today so that I can be ready for the call to go and grab it, and it's actually the best day of the year so far so I might lay around in the sun and have a bit of a play.

    Sounds like a description of you. You'd fit in quite well in the town of Twin Peaks We'll see, maybe when I come to visit you/you visit me and we make wedding arrangements then I'll get one for you :D

    Thankya kindly. It's probably gonna be pretty rough, but it's a part of my life so it has to be done :3
  3. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
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    You know me so well. xD A videogame system over an engagement ring, you sure know the way to mah <3~

    You have a translation of it ready and waiting whenever you play?
  4. Snoozle's Avatar
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    And yet we're so far apart *sniff* Heyll yeah. What can you even do with a ring?

    By now if I needed a translation I couldn't consider myself a gamer. The only problem would be names of attacks, but I can just look up the learning levels for the ones I'm unsure about.
  5. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
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    Damn you Atlantic Ocean! D:< Lose it, get it dirty, or cut off the circulation in your ring finger with it.

    Well it is basically Red and the Pokémon game formula hasn't changed much over the years. I'd still use a translation though. >.>


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