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1/3 of my wishlist achieved! + Signed comics

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by , 15th December 2010 at 02:21 PM (239 Views)
Continuing from my previous post, I can now confirm that #3 on my wanted list has been crossed off! Hurrah!

Today there were a few slightly different auctions going on, and I'm pleased to say that I managed to win a few of these within my price range.

In particular probably the most interesting of these is the signed collection of the Mewtwo Strikes Back #1-4 edition of movie-comics. They are signed by Eric "Brock" Stuart, Veronica "Ash" Taylor and Rachael "Misty" Lillis along with a certificate of authenticity, and also a couple of bonus gifts of a new and sealed original 2-player starter TCG deck and 2 unopened series 1 base booster packs.

I would have liked it to have also been signed by M/Addie "Meowth" Blaustein to kind of make it complete, but sadly that is no longer possible. I guess that fact makes the signature more valuable, as a signed issue 1 of Electric Boogaloo went for more than this collection signed by the 3 main VAs.

I'd also like to mention how you can often save a few pounds by using sellers with 0 or less than 10 feedback, as it seems that some people are less willing to buy from them than from those with "top rated" seller status.

All purchases are protected by PayPal anyway, so if they do perform badly/don't send the goods, you can claim your money back instantly, and often these people who haven't received feedback yet are more genuine than some of the so-called "top rated" sellers. Everyone has to start from the beginning, so ignoring 0 rated sellers doesn't make much sense to me.

I don't want to give away too many of my recent wins, because I will be posting pictures every weekend of the items that I've won that particular week. If you're interested in seeing what I have so far, then head over to the Pokémon Collectors group and feel free to join and post your own collections there!

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Updated 17th December 2010 at 06:52 AM by Snoozle

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  1. Blackjack Gabbiani's Avatar
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    Out of curiosity, can I see a picture of these autographs? I want to make sure they match up with the one I have.
  2. Snoozle's Avatar
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    No problem.

    Hopefully this will show up for you, but if not then I can save it and upload it to my own album if required.

    What signed items do you have?


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