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Things going on in my life

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Remember the group I was talking about? well it fell apart...the place wasn't the right fit for me. But whatever, I'll just go and try something else.

Had a nice birthday today (can't believe I'm 23.) Had fresh raviolis from the pasta store near me for dinner, and a birthday cake. Then my sister and I got drinks from a local pub. I also got some lotto tickets (only won 5 dollars.) and my sister and I are going to go on a road trip out east to a spa weekend in February.

I started watching the new series of Doctor Who after hearing everyone here raving about it. I really like it so far, very different than what I usually watch. I have to watch from the beginning of the new series now since I dropped into it right in the middle of the last season/series (whatever they call it.) I've never been big into sci-fi so getting into something from a genre I don't really know well is refreshing.

I started watching from the 11th doctor. I love how incredibly ADHD and hyper he is. And I like his companions a lot too (I still have to figure out the whole River Song story.) Now that I'm hooked in to the craze with everyone else I got the first season/series on iTunes and I can't wait to watch the show in full with the other Doctors/companions/stories (especially since Tennant is so hugely popular.)

Do I have to watch the classic Doctor Who to understand the new series? I never knew reading up on a show that's been around this long could be so interesting.

So another year done. Time flies by way too fast. And thanks for the birthday wishes everyone.

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  1. Satoshi-kun's Avatar
    To answer your question, you do not need to watch the classic series to get the new series. I do suggest starting at the 2005 season/series, and working up from there though.
  2. Keldora Dragon's Avatar
    Yeah that's what I'm doing right now, watching from the 2005 series and working up from there. I was just curious since the show has been around for so long, and wondered if I would miss a lot if I didn't watch the classics.


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