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Showing signs of life on here

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by , 24th June 2012 at 11:11 PM (202 Views)
I'm still around. I've just been exhausted lately. Lately I've just been too tired to be invested in all forums whatsoever. Trying to find a job is a pain in the ass, my anxiety trying to get help for my problems has gotten bad. However, it's not all bad. Three things that are making me feel more happy-

NEW EXPANSION. Yes I play FFXI, and have been for a long time. We finally get a new expansion after so long. Totally picking Rune Fencer.

BW2. I haven't really read up much about the new games since all the new info coming out at light speed is staggering. But I pre-ordered it and I can't wait.

The best for last-
I'M GOING TO LONDON NEXT WEEK! My friends in the House fandom invited me to go see Hugh Laurie in concert (his music is amazing.) So my mom and I have been spending the last few months contacting them, getting affordable airfare, and planning what to do there. I can't wait to meet these people! I'm staying for a week. I'm going on the Eye, a dinner cruise, Stonehenge, the concert (obviously,) and the Sherlock Museum with my friends. It will be tough work packing and getting there but it will so be worth it.

Basically even though I'm going a sucky time, at least I have some relief and time away from it.

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