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Random unpopular opinion of the moment

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I think Digimon Savers/Data Squad is the best Digimon series.

And if that isn't enough, I prefer Shinegreymon over Wargreymon. I never liked the latter even back in the old days. I wanted to see the other mega Digimon so badly (PHOENIXMON.) And he killed Metalseadramon, my favorite Digimon.

This opinion will most likely get me torn to shreds by Digimon fans, especially the nostalgics. Sorry but I tried to re watch the old seasons and I wanted to vomit everytime I heard "Hey Digimon." While with Saver/DS I can watch with no problem for the most part. The only other Digimon series I can tolerate other than this is Tamers. Now that was a fantastic season.

Oh well according to many sources I'm not a true Digimon fan because of this. Fuck them. Fuck them all.

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  1. Sarcastically Insane's Avatar
    I prefer Wargreymon, but meh. Opinions are opinions; they're all wrong :P

    But Savers was pretty good, from what I saw of it.
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
  3. The Outrage's Avatar
    I liked Frontier. Yeah, sure, lack of partner Digimon, doesn't make the story bad.

    And when one of the reasons Tamers apparently sucks is because they had Digimon spawning in the real world (some dude at my school), which is apparently what makes the entire series unrealistic, you know not to listen to them.
  4. Yoshi-san's Avatar
    I love Digimon Adventure the best though it has some flaws. I LOVE Tamers.

    Zero Two was good but was too all over the place with the plot. Frontier was great the first half, then it became the Takuya and Kouji show with some Kouichi....sigh.

    Savers...I have a love-hate relationship with. While I love how all the Digimon went to Mega...Character Development was horribly absent in the series....ESPECIALLY for Marcus...ugh...

    I don't watch Xros Wars....
  5. Soulweaver's Avatar
    It's Adventure > 02 > Tamers > Savers > Frontier >>>>> Xros Wars to me. But except for the last one, all were at least moderately good.

    And don't know which one you're used to, but as with all anime, JAP audio >>>>>>>>>>> ENG dub.
  6. Iteru's Avatar
    Tamers and Savers are my favourites, with Tamers being a bit ahead.


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