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Dream World Database

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~a database of dream world specifics~

Each visit across the Rainbow Bridge, 17 'events' are chosen from a list of 20, each 'event' being a meeting of a Pokemon or item. 9-12 of the events chosen are Pokemon and 5-8 of the events chosen are items. These events are scattered around the map.
Each Pokemon 'event' details one of up to four Pokemon specific to that 'event'. This means you cannot encounter multiple Pokemon listed for one event in the same trip across the Rainbow Bridge.
Each Pokemon 'event' also details what minigame will be played. This means you can only play any one minigame three times in one trip across the Rainbow Bridge.
Small Forest Pokemon Events:
a) 161M, 161F, 174M, 174F Serve
b) 191M, 191F, 187M, ???? Search
c)  43M,  43F,  69M,  69F Bounce
d)  77M, ????, 179M, 179F Search
e)  84M,  84F,  32M,  29F Fly
f) 234M, 234F, 261M, 261F Fly
g) 108M, 108F, 115F, ???? Search
h)  83M,  83F, 403M, 403F Serve
i)  19M,  19F, 102M, 102F Fly
j) 114M, 114F, 276M, 276F Bounce
k) 270M, 283M, 283F       Bounce
l) 270F, 399M, 399F       Serve
This can confirm all Pokemon are possible to obtain female except possibly 77 and 187. It is very possible I just haven't been lucky enough to encounter them yet.
The gender ratio in the Small Forest is roughly 75% male, 25% female. (observed differences of ratios between 9%f and 45%f averaging 25%f over 300 data points)
Serebii's listing of Cleffa as being obtainable stems from a specific mistranslation of the Japanese text "Bidoof", and Cleffa are not obtainable.

The special move a Pokemon knows depends on the score Rank of the minigame.
Game:   Search  Serve    Fly Bounce
Rank 1: 50000+ 30000+ 55000+ 60000+
Rank 2: 45000+ 25000+ 50000+ 50000+
Rank 3: 40000+ 20000+ 45000+ 30000+
Rank 4: 30000+ 10000+ 30000+ 20000+
Rank 5:     0+     0+     0+     0+
Ranks may result in one of several moves or just one move per rank, more analysis required of ranks/moves/Pokemon/gender which I don't have data for.

Your Pokemon's mood depends on how many Dream Points were obtained in that visit to the Dream World. This in turn determines whether the Pokemon will level up or not.

Thought I should post the details of my investigating somewhere altogether, and rather than a forum topic thought it might fit better here; this post will be updated with more specifics when I discover more.
Feel free to comment.

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