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Entry #2

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Dear Journal,

Sorry I haven't written to you for almost a month now. Things have been really busy lately getting the gym up and running. You wouldn't believe the amount of work it has taken choosing a theme, a name, decorating, and getting my office together. Not to mention all the applications I have gotten for Gym Trainers. I swear, I've interviewed half of Hoenn by now. Anyway, guess it's time I give you an update on what's going on.
So I've finally chosen a theme for my gym. I know that every other gym in Hoenn (and pretty much the world for that matter) is based on a particular type of pokemon. The thing is though, I'm not satisfied with using just one type. I called up Windy to ask her how she chose flying, and how I should go about choosing my type. She said, "choose the type that represents you, and how you battle. I chose flying because when I think of myself, I think of rising above the competition, knowing that nothing can stop me. Flying was just a natural choice for me." Then she told me: "Try to figure out what the similarities are of the pokemon you prefer to use. This will give you a good idea of what your style is, and try to choose a type of pokemon that best suits that style."
Well, I took her advice, and I got a good idea of what my preffered pokemon are. I prefer heavy, defensive pokemon who can take a lot of damage yet deal a whole bunch back. Speed isn't necessarily an issue. I considered rock, steel, fighting, and ground types, but then I realized, no one type really suits me. I was about to give up after the third letter from the P.L. asking for the final registration, but then it hit me like a Giga Impact. Round Pokemon!
Round Pokemon you ask? That's not even a type! Of course not, but it all made sense when I looked at what pokemon I had at the time: An Electrode, a Cloyster, a Golem, and a Forretress. Duh! how could I have been so ignorant? Besides, Drake said that it was a very creative theme, and something that would be interesting to see how it would unfold. So yes, my application was approved. Bam.
Anyway, the Oldale Gym has officially opened for business, ready to accept challengers for the Planet Badge. So far no trainers, but I'm not too worried. I'm sure someone will swing by soon. In the meantime I've finalized my team. I'll let you know the details later. So there you have it, I'll give an update as soon as possible. I should check on how Electrode's doing. Adios.


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