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A Possible Team

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by , 19th January 2011 at 07:55 PM (305 Views)
This is an original idea; I did not steal it from anyone else.
Also sorry that the Bug review is taking so long it will be out soon, this has just been a bit of a priority.

One day I was looking into the Battle Strategy section and I realised that everyone was using and talking about Weather teams, most likely due to Politoed and Ninetails new abilities. And I thought:

Wouldn’t they be really easy to take down due to them relying on the Weather?

It soon became apparent that it was not true and that nearly all Weather teams carried backup Weather spreaders (another Poke carries Rain Dance for example) and Counters to big threats (Most Rain Dance teams have something that can beat Electric types, like Lanturn with Volt Absorb being able to defeat Zapdos). It also became apparent that there was no sure fire way to counter all Weather based teams as there were way too many big threats (Tyranitar, Zapdos, Kabutops, Kingdra, Venusaur, Moltres, Milotic, etc, etc, etc...)
Even with all the odds I tried my luck and decided to try and create an ‘Anti Weather’ team. This team has had reasonable success on Pokemon Online and generally beats any Weather based teams.

Nidoking/Modest nature/Ev’s: 252 Sp.Att, 252 Spe, 6 HP
Life Orb/Sheer Force
- Earth Power
- Fire Blast
- Thunder
- ? (Coverage)

The point of this Nidoking is to knock out the Lead Weather abuser (either Politoed, Ninetails, Abomasnow, Tyranitar and, although not common Hippowdon) and then switch to Altaria thus shutting down there Weather strategy, or switch to a possible abuser (Hail - Frostlass, Rain - Kingdra, Sunny Day – Moltres, Sandstorm – Swampert).
With Bulky Lead Politoed’s HP resting at around the 330 – 370 mark this Nidoking should be able to beat Politoed with Thunder and the Life Orb and Sheer Force boosts.
Standard Sunny Day Ninetails lead (Timid Nature with max Sp.Attack and Speed) will out-speed Nidoking, but if it does not have a Life Orb will not KO with Flamethrower and on average will not KO with Fire Blast. In return Nidoking will KO with STAB Earth Power.
Nidoking outruns the standard Abomasnow Lead (Timid Nature with max Sp.Attack and Speed) and KO’s with Fire Blast before he has time to set up. Nidoking will still KO even if the opposing Abomasnow has a Occa berry.
Problems come when facing Tyranitar as although Nidoking outpaces T-Tar Earth Power is only a 2KO and by then Tyranitar could have set up a Substitute or Dragon Danced; still without a Dragon Dance boost Fire Punch only has a small chance of a 2KO. Earthquake is a different story, KO’ing Nidoking without a boost though. Due to this I have to resort to a Physical Fighting move but with the Dream World ability Sheer Force being used I can’t use Superpower. Please suggest another option. I’m not really counting Hippowdon as it’s the less used of the Sandstorm spreaders but I have other Pokemon to counter it.
A possible compromise to the Tyranitar/Hippowdon issue is to just use Earth Power to beat Tyranitar and use Surf or Ice Beam to beat Hippowdon, though in this situation I’m now worried about Blissey.

Altaria/Calm nature/Ev’s: 242 Sp.Def, 60 Sp.Att, 208 HP
Leftovers/Cloud Nine
- Dragon Pulse
- Rest
- Cotton Guard
- Flamethrower

Altaria shuts down all Weather and is very bulky, more so when he gets a Cotton Guard up raising his Defence three stages. It’s because of this that I did not use any Defence Ev’s.
Although the Sp.Att Ev’s are seemingly pointless it gives Dragon Pulse a much needed boost, shortening the time it takes to knock out opponents when coupled with Toxic. A calculation shows that Altaria 2KO’s most Gengar now.
For this set I used Rest and not Roost. This is because Roost is only available in 4th Gen games while Cloud Nine is an ability only available in Black/White. The three turns of Rest are not too bad as with a Cotton Guard boost Altaria is super bulky and it lets me save PP whilst furthering Toxic damage.

Moltres/Modest nature/Ev’s: Sp.Att 252, Spe 252, Def 6
Life Orb/Pressure
- Fire Blast
- Air Slash
- Solar Beam
- Ancient Power

Originally going to be a Houndoom this thing is a beast and with Stealth Rock less common in the new generation it really destroys teams. Max Sp.Att coupled with Fire Blast and the Sunny Day boost destroys everything even with the less than perfect Speed stat. Air Slash complements Fire Blast well and the chance of Flinch is great.
Solar Beam is his third move and is designed to take advantage of the Sunny Day hopefully enabling a sweep by beating a Water or Rock counter. Ancient Power is mostly filler but has actually quite helped, beating flyers.

Froslass/Modest nature/Ev’s: Sp.Att 252, Spe 252, Def 6
Leftovers/Snow Cloak
- Blizzard
- Thunderbolt
- Spikes
- Substitute

A good attacker and defender with the synergy between the Ice and Electric attacks, Froslass is also really fast usually out-speeding threats. With the Positive nature Froslass’ Blizzards really hurt and Thunderbolt pairs nicely, offering a safer option in case of need.
Spikes is most often the Entry Hazards of choice for my team and Froslass’ speed helps a lot enabling us to outpace big threats. 25% is a big deal and Swampert’s Roar helps out on this.
Substitute is always helpful and avoids status and stat lowering, which is helpful with Confuse Ray being used Left and Right. Due to this Froslass can act as a scout and prevent any nasty suprises.

Kingdra/Naive nature/Ev’s: Att 212, Spe 184, HP 112
Leftovers/Swift Swim
- Dragon Dance
- Waterfall
- Outrage
- Substitute

Kingdra is probably the best Rain abuser for this set as he has Swift Swim, STAB moves that get benefitted from the rain and general bulkiness. The general idea is to switch Kingdra into a Water attack and then set up Dragon Dance while the foe switches.
With the Dragon Dance boost Outrage is next to unstoppable and thanks to Kingdra’s bulk and resistances will usually survive until the Confusion sets in. Waterfall complements Outrage nicely providing neutral coverage on everyone except Empoleon. Substitute is the same as always, blah blah blah.
Originally a Starmie, I found that it and Froslass were too similar, with Froslass generally being more useful. I also found that Starmie wasn’t bulky enough, dying before it got many hits out.

Swampert/Impish nature/Ev’s: Def 212, Sp.Def 48, HP 248
- Ice Punch
- Earthquake
- Stealth Rock
- Roar

The last member of my team and the most defensively inclined (minus Altaria with the Cotton Guard boost) Swampert is a Tank, dishing out damage whilst setting up Stealth Rock and phasing for entry hazard damage.
Even without any Ev’s distributed Swampert’s attack is very respectable, sitting at 256. The large difference between Swampert’s two attack stats is the reason why I chose an Impish nature and Ice Punch over Ice Beam.
Although Damp is a better ability for a defensive Pokemon and Torrent has no effect on this set, Damp is not compatible with Stealth Rock or Ice Punch which are much better in my opinion as I could just switch to Froslass.
Although a good member of the team I often find him lagging behind the other Pokemon. Maybe it’s because he’s so predictable or the fact that nearly every team has either Grass Knot, Hidden Power Grass or another Grass move.

Well thanks for reading my teams description, I hope you liked it. Thanks for any input, also please help me name them.

EDIT: Nidoking’s last move slot is now Toxic Spikes letting me replace Toxic on Altaria with Flamethrower (with Altaria’s great stalling abilities it really needs the extra reliability Flamethrower brings). The Toxic Spikes also helps my team survive longer. No need for Surf or Ice Beam as Earth Power is a 2KO on Hippowdon.

Please Comment even if it's only a minor thing

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Updated 20th January 2011 at 07:10 AM by GengarEatBanana



  1. Fleeg's Avatar
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    Good job. Very unusual. But I think you should consider trading out Moltres for some other fire type. Maybe Camerupt or Magcargo.
  2. GengarEatBanana's Avatar
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    I was thinking of using Camerupt as a mixed attacker, but it's just too slow and not defensive enough. Moltres is my late game sweeper and the stealth rock weakness isn't that bad as no-one really uses it anymore. Thanks


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