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  1. Job hunting is tough :/

    ...When you're not job hunting.

    Well, I want a job, however I haven't really looked much except on the Subway and McDonald websites. I know that there are plenty of jobs around, however I'm not sure I'm really qualified. It'll be my first job, and I actually don't have a resume and don't know how to make one. Plus I'm worried that I'll just be looked over for other people.

    What should I do?

    (Hey @Karamazov, look I blogged!)
  2. Finally hit 1000 posts!

    I didn't even relise it. I was just like "Holy Smokes Batman, I've got over a thousand posts!"

    I was on like 900 one second and then 1000 the next. I didn't know I had posted so much in the last couple of days :P

    Anyway, woohoo! Even though I know it's not that much compared to others it's nice to have reached 1000.

  3. Got locked out of my house

    Yeah, as the title said I got locked out of my house. Really annoying.

    I took my dog to the local groomers then when I came back I couldn't get the door open. I think it's because the mechanical lock we have ran out of power.

    So I then had to wait half an hour for my mum to get back before I could get a key to the back door, only to realize that a key was in the back door on the other side, meaning it wouldn't open.

    So I then had to climb onto the roof ...
  4. My One Year Bulba-versary!

    Hello, and as most of you now know this is my first Bulba-versary.

    To be honest I didn't think I'd be here this long. When I first got here I remembered thinking Bulbagarden was huge. It was actually quite daunting, and I'd never been on a forum before. I made a few silly mistakes before settling in, but all the people who welcomed me in the Garden Grotto were very helpful and nice. These welcome threads should never be underestimated; it's extremely useful for new users and really ...
  5. My Bulbagarden Nuzlocke

    Yeh, why not.

    So far I've got a Poochyena, Torchic and a Wurmple. I was going to get a Lotad but I got a crit and killed it D:

    Anyone want to be named after these Pokes or future ones? I'll accept requests from friends or people I know.
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