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Hi guys

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Hi GengarEatBanana hear and I just wanted to post the story I wrote for the 2010 Christmas Season Fanfic contest. Reply if you want, thanks.

-A Pidgey in an Abomasnow tree-

It had been a long night and Zach had left the safety of the Pokemon centre many hours before. It had been overcast most of the day, but due to the altitude, as they had travelled far into the mountains South of Blackthorn city, it had started to snow.

Zach was quite furious at himself; he had given all 500 of his Pokedollars, money saved up by his mother for countless years in preparation for his entrance into the world of Pokemon away just in exchange for a pathetic Magikarp. He hadn’t even bothered to go to Professor Elm’s lab; he probably wouldn’t give him a Pokemon after making such a stupid decision. Furiously he looked at his Magikarp, and in an act of anger threw him away into the river, which was adjacent with the narrow path he was walking on. But soon Zach regretted it; the Magikarp had been his only friend in this dark and dangerous road.

Numerous hours passed by with Zach trudging along on the winding valley path with no signs of civilization and very soon he was tired. But as he turned the corner of the path he saw a strange sight. Ahead a Mismagmius was singing on what looked like a frozen lake. Zach knew it was his only chance at redemption for his previous mistake and rushed to the edge of the lake before quietly tiptoeing towards the Pokemon, holding his breath so as to not cause a sound.

Soon Zach was behind the Mismagmius and was just reaching for his Pokeballs when the realization set in. The weird song the Mismagmius had been singing was a Perish Song attack! Zach attempted to run back to the lakes shores but the songs affects had already worked their poison and soon Zach blanked out his body’s functions shutting down.

But as the impact of Zach’s body hit the cold ice cracks appeared, and soon the thin ice could no longer hold Zach’s weight, dropping him into the freezing cold water below. But just before Zach was fully submerged by the black waves a small orange fish did its best to save its friend, and harnessing all the powers at its disposal displayed the miracle of evolution. With its new found size and strength the newly evolved Gyarados made a mighty SPLASH and Zach sailed out of the water and onto land where the massive impact with the ground started his heart up again.

Hours later when Zach woke up, curled in the massive body of his new Gyarados, he smiled to himself and contemplated the previous night, just as an alarm on his PokeGear went off. He looked down wondering what could possibly be ruining the moment when the PokeCalender showed up on the screen. He pressed the enter button and seeing the date smiled to himself, yesterday had been the 24th, today was Christmas!

BTW, did you get the name? Pidgey in an Abomasnow tree: Partridge in a Pear tree

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  1. Casual Cnidarian's Avatar
    Last year, it was called: "A Pidgey in an Aspear Tree."
  2. GengarEatBanana's Avatar
    Really! Sorry didn't know, haven't been here that long.


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