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A Gamers Review of the Bug Type - Part 6

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by , 21st January 2011 at 09:05 AM (464 Views)

It's been a long time but welcome back to... A Gamers Review of the Bug Type

Also say hello to the new banner I created just before. I like it and thats good enough. Now back to the review; todays review will be on Wurmple and its large family (by Pokemon standards) and Surskit & Masquerain.

winstein I've taken your advice and made the font bigger; your right it does look better. I'm sorry for doubting your infinate wisdom.

To all readers thankyou for being patient over the last few weeks and now, Enjoy.


I'll start with Wurmple, then go to Silcoon & Cascoon, then finally review Beautifly & Dustox. Also sorry the pictures messed up; problems with PAINT.

#265 Wurmple

Wurmple is unsurprisingly the Worm Pokemon; really creative GameFreak, and is essentually the Caterpie of Hoenn. While it looks rather bland it evolves into two very intresting Pokemon, actually you know what? It's color scheme is actually very nice. Yes the brightness is a hint at it's poisoness capabilities and is used to ward off predators, mostly Swellow and Starly. This is very funnily portrayed in one of the Mystery Dungeon games, where the Wurmple thinks its partner Swellow is going to eat him.

It's ability Shield Dust is very good for Defensive purposes but I'll elaborate more on that when I get to its evolutions. Attacking wise it only gets four and they aren't very good, consisting of Tackle, String Shot, Poison Sting and Bug Bite and it doesn't even get Bug Bite pre Platinum! It's Dream World ability Run Away is quite helpful actually as Wurmple is quite slow and has trouble escaping wild battles due to that.

I don't have much to say on Wurmple just because there isn't much too Wurmple. But he's still a nifty little bug.

#266 Silcoon & #268 Cascoon

Silcoon and Cascoon are - like every other middle evolution Bug Pokemon - the Cocoon Pokemon which is fitting as they are very plainly cocoons. Both of them evolve from Wurmple at Lv.7 but you can also find them in the nearby Petalburg woods, which I do not recomend due to them only having Harden. Seriously just catch a Wurmple it's easier. Anyway Wurmple evolves into either one of them due to Personality Values, which I don't know how to explain so maybe you should go to Petalburg woods and catch the right one.

It's ability is Shed Skin, a very handy ability where you have a 30% chance of losing your status at the end of each turn. This is helpful for a defensive Pokemon but it won't last long as you evolve into either Beautifly or Dustox at Lv.10, Silcoon for the former and Cascoon for the latter.

It's hard to trump but I have even less to say about these two. This jobs too hard...

#267 Beautifly & #269 Dustox

The final evolutions of Weedle and opposites of each other, both of them are very cool Pokemon. Beautifly is Bug/Flying and the more offensive of the two and is great for ingame due to its wide variety of moves, whilst Dustox is Bug/Poison and more defensively inclined and is better Competitevely. Don't believe me about Dustox? I found this link in winstein's latest review of the Poison type in the article on Dustox (he does Poison and Grass reviews, check them out if you like this)


It's quite spectacular what it manages to do believe me, now back to the review. Due to their stat distribution Beautifly was given the occasionally handy Swarm ablility while Dustox was give the very good Shield Dust, which stops all secondary effects from happening (Dynampic Punch's Confusion for example).

To be honest not only does Dustox look cooler than Beautifly but it is better, as Beautifly is easily outclassed by Yanmega, that fire moth and to some extent Butterfree. Bug/Poison is actually a pretty good defensive typing with key resistances to Fighting & Grass and Dustox was luckily given Roost to abuse this.

#283 Surskit & #284 Masquerain

Surskit is one of my favourite Pokemon. It's got an awesome typing, awesome ability and awesome movepool. Plus it's sooooo adorable!!! It'd be the very best Pokemon if it got Spikes, making it very potent in Little Cup.

Aside from my obvious love of them they actually evolve quite early, just Lv.22. It has three weakness, all of which can be handled with due to it having Water moves to handle its Rock weakness, Ice moves to handle its Flying weakness, and surprisingly the Ground move Mud Shot to handle its Electric weakess?!

Even though I don't rate the Pokemon I review Surskit deserves something special, and thus I give you... Kirby smile (^-^)

Now on to the sadder half. Masquerain has one of the the best abilities in the game (Intimidate), in my opinion the second best movepool in the game (just beaten by Octillery), and, not magnificent but workable stats. But its typing, oh its typing. What possesed GameFreak to change Masquerain from Bug/Water to Bug/Flying?! The biggest screwup in Nintendo! NO!


Sorry for my little outbreak but sometimes I get annoyed at GameFreak for it's stupid decision. On a brighter note at least they gave Masquerain Air Slash and thankfully Butterfly Dance, a move that may greatly improve its popularity. We can only hope.

But hey, youv've hit rock bottom; you can only go up.
Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed. Until next time, see ya.

Some final notes:

- Thanks to winstein for his reviews, They not only inspired me to do these reviews but if I hadn't seen that link in your Poison review to the Dustox battle I never would've gotten off my lazy ass and done this review.

- The next review should be in a couple of days, I have to familiarize myself with the next couple of Bug Pokes.

- If you liked this banner say so, if you want to drop a critecism just don't be too harsh.

Thankyou ~ GengarEatBanana

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  1. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    Just so you know, Drapion isn't a bug type. Its poison/dark.
  2. GengarEatBanana's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    I know, its just that because its pre-evo's part Bug, and the fact that it plainly looks like a bug I will review it. It'll be an oddball.

    BTW, I really like your reviews of the Water type. Thanks
  3. Fleeg's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    Wow. And yes, it's about time someone noticed that catching a Wurmple is way better than catching a Silcoon/Cascoon.
  4. winstein's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    I see you noticed my hidden bonus section in my review. Anyway, I hope I am not being nitpicky here, but I find choosing the Pokemon easier if I caught the cocoons, because it's easier to get the bug that you want, so you can say that getting Wurmple has the advantage of being able to attack (and the disadvantage of not knowing what it will evolve into), while the cocoons have the advantage of getting that guaranteed bug (and the disadvantage of not being able to attack).

    I am glad that you were inspired to continue, because I thought you had given up the challenge completely.

    Thanks for reading.
  5. GengarEatBanana's Avatar
    • |
    • permalink
    Wurmple only evolves into Cas/Silcoon at Lv.7 and you can find Wurmples at Lv.5 in Petalburg woods so it doesn't matter that much if you get it wrong.

    That Dustox tale is EPIC and thank you for commenting, I hate it when people don't comment.


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