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A Gamers Review of the Bug Type - Part 5

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It's back and better than ever, welcome to the next installment of... A Gamers Review of the Bug Type

It's been a while since the last review but don't fret cause this time I'll be reviewing three of the most unique and powerful Bug Pokemon. Yes that's right Scizor, Shuckle and Heracross!

This review raps up the Bug Pokemon of Gen II, but anyways enjoy.


#212-Scizor #213-Shuckle #214-Heracross

Scizor is the Pincer Pokemon and the evolved form of a previously reviewed Pokemon, Scyther. A weird thing about Scizor is that it has the exact same Base Stat Total as Scyther, with Scizor's speed stat now lower than its pre-evolution but now with signifacently improved Defense and Attack. One thing not many people realise is how good Scizor's Defense is, capping at 339 with Max IV's and a positive nature. The reason I'm guessing people don't notice this though is because of Scizors fricken' huge Attack stat, capping at 394.

Scizor also gets all the helpful moves Scyther gets, these include Baton Pass, Sword Dance, Agility, X-Scissor/Bug Bite depending on how picky you are and numerous others. But thanks to the Gods of Pokemon (GameFreak) in Platinum something happened, something drastic, something that would change the future of Pokemon and the World forever. Bullet Punch. With a 394 Attack stat, possible Sword Dance boosts, a Life Orb, STAB and the blessed ability Technician nothing was safe. The monsters of Pokemon; Tyranitar, Blissey and Salamence to name a few thought they were the top dogs, no more with Scizor cleaning up with his STAB attacks and the great move Superpower. No more could Weaville run rampant, nor Azelf and frail leads be without opposition. A new era of Pokemon was ushered in with Scizor leading the pack.

But in every great Pokemon there is a problem and Scizor suffered a big one. A x4 weakness to Fire is something not to take lightly and with the new generation filled with powerful Fire types the era of Scizor may be over. Do not fret users of this mighty Bug though as with new threats comes new options and prey. The highly anticipated Doryuzu and the Rocky behemoth Gigaiath along with hard hitters Archeos and Tsunbear could all come down a notch, and Scizor could very well be the one pulling them down. The new generation offers much promise for Scizor, hopefully as much as this past one.


Shuckle is weird. It has a weird typing, it looks weird, and it has weird-ass stats. It is astronomically one sided, having Defenses of 230 each and Attacking stats of 10 each. Coupled with its Speed stat of 5 it becomes the equal slowest Pokemon (with Munchlax, which is weird because in the Anime Munchlax is hypo?), yet it also has a terrible HP stat of only 20. What is Shuckle? To put it simply Shuckle is a rock. Not one that you throw but the type that is super heavy and just stays in one place. If that doesn't make sense than I hope this does, Shuckle is Defense. He has the highest Defense stats of any Pokemon and some of the lowest attacking stats of any Pokemon.

So what do you do with a purely Defensive Pokemon that has a bad HP stat? To put it simply you annoy the crap out of the opponent and hope they commit suicide. Knock Off, Encore, Rest, Safeguard, Toxic, Protect the list goes on and on. The only effective way to attack something with Shuckle is the extremely risky Power Trick set, and to be frank I wouldn't do this and I'd just use a Defensive Annoyer set, which works really well in Sandstorm due to further increasing Sp.Defence and the extra damage.

To have an effective Shuckle you have to work outside the box yet you have to know your limits. Shuckle won't last forever especially with only Rest for recovery, and its not exactly going to be the first Pokemon to attack. Sorry I don't have much to say on this one but I've practically said it all, Shuckle is what it looks like; a rock.


If you've read my review of Pinsir then you already kind of know my opinion on Heracross, but none the less lets continue. Heracross is of the Bug/Fighting type, having two useful STAB moves in Close Combat and Megahorn along with a bunch of others including Stone Edge, Earthquake, Night Slash, Facade (works great with Guts), Aerial Ace, etc... Anyway I've already told you about his stats (mostly same as Pinsir) and on the majority his movepool (again mostly same as Pinsir) so I'll try to focus on his usability.

It's pretty hard not to compare him to Pinsir but this I'll tell it from his side of the story this time. Back in the olds days of GSC Heracross was good, and in RSE Heracross was perhaps the best Pokemon non-legendary, but things soon began to go downhill. Heracross wasn't bad but it had just had such big popularity previously that when all the new D/P Pokemon came out and Heracross hadn't changed much people were disapointed. Heracross was still the same Fighting Bug as always compared to others like Rhydon who got an evolution or Machamp who got a great new ability. Heracross' decline in usage may also be related to Scizor's rise in popularity, with the red devil being the top Bug.

Numerous theories could be given to explain why Heracross fell but it would be about as pointless as explaing competitive Pokemon battles to a Two year old, all we know is it happened. Things are now that bad though; if I sounded super gloomy I'm not as I do quite like the little Beetle. Even with Heracross' decline in popularity this itself presents an option as now people will be less prepared for the Beetle and his STAB moves. The worst is over and with the new generation opputunities will arise, ones that Heracross could take.

Thank you for listening to my 5 reviews and I hope you enjoyed them, and lastly Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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  1. Fleeg's Avatar
    Do Scizor really have defense that god-like? My medicham took one out from full health with a H- Jump Kick.
  2. SharKing's Avatar
    Yes, they have that Defense, but people hardly ever invest in it. You probably took out a classic Choice Bander or something.
  3. GengarEatBanana's Avatar
    yeh, the defense is usually wasted on Scizor, but he is a much bettter attacker.
  4. winstein's Avatar
    I wonder: how will Scizor deal with Doryuuzu? As far as I know, Doryuuzu resists Bullet Punch, and is on the whole faster than him/her. Also, I know I am not well versed with competitive battling, but somehow, I think Hihidaruma can actually overpower Heracross, thanks to being naturally faster and having devastatingly strong Fire attacks.

    In terms of format change, I think you might want to increase the font of the title of the Pokemon, to make it more presentable. Also, the way you said the last line makes it seem like you have pretty much ended your time with the reviews.

    Also, are you planning to talk about celebrity trainers that specialises in the Bug-type? Since it's a "Gamer's Review", you should consider that.

    Thanks for reading.
  5. F-22's Avatar
    I came up with the 200 HP / 252 Atk / 56 Speed spread and don't forget it >:(
    You know, people always talk about how Scizor has "fallen from glory" but it will always be a force to recon with. The only other Pokemon that can compete with Scizor as far as powerful priority goes is Iron Fist Mach Punch Roobushin and let me say that it's incredibly stupid to rely on a Fighting move, let alone choice it because Ghosts walk all over you. (This isn't even counting the impending shitstorm that will come when Shadow Tag Chandelier is released.) Scizor will continue to be reliable even if it isn't #1, because there will always be a market for good reliable priority. Because of Scizor, I don't fear the new slew of fast, hard hitting threats like Kojondo, or fuck even Kyuremu.

    I wrote a blog post about how Gamefreak sucks at coming up with stat spreads, and I cited Shuckle as a specific example. It has the benefit of Sturdy now, but what it badly needs is a more efficient stat spread.

    I have lots of hope for Heracross this gen, largely because it seems to be "anti-metagame"....I can think of no better Pokemon besides Randorosu to take on the slew of new Fighting types. Blaziken is going to be a pain in the ass, but I'm going to try out an offensive team with a Sazandora/Heracross core. It could very well work out once the first few rounds of bans are made.
    As usual good job and merry Christmas!
  6. GengarEatBanana's Avatar
    Winstein: Scizor has access to Brick Break/Superpower which taking in his attacking potential is enough for the KO, Hindurama is faster but Choice Scarf Heracross (one of the more popular sets) will outrun it. I might make the font bigger, but I don't mind it how it is. The reason it sounds like it is ending is because I'm not that familiar with 3rd gen Bugs and it may take a while to write the next review. I might comment on Bug type users.

    Age of Kings: I won't forget it, don't worry. I agree Scizor and Heracross will be big threats in the new gen as will Blaziken. GameFreak won't change Shuckle's stat spread so all we can hope for is some new moves that somehow bypass his stats.


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