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A Gamers Review of the Bug Type - Part 3

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by , 15th December 2010 at 05:59 AM (331 Views)
A Gamers Review of the Bug Type – Part 3
Hi guys and welcome to... A Gamers Review of the Bug Type!
This time we will be looking at two Generation 1 Pokemon Pinsir & Scyther

*note: I will generally not review pre-evolutions. Scyther is a one off, as it still viable in Standard due to its okay stats. Don’t worry this doesn’t mean I won’t review Scizor, I will but just in another review. This means I won’t review Yanma until I review Yanmega.

Anyway, enjoy!

#123-Scyther #127-Pinsir

First off will be Scyther and then Pinsir, in true PokeDex order.

The Dinosaur-Bug with Scythes for arms, Scyther is a pretty amazing Pokemon, an awesome Pokedex number, two great STAB types and good stats across the board. But with these positives comes one big-ass negative. A x4 weakness to Rock and in turn Stealth Rock effectively cripples any chance of sweeping without Rapid Spin support and sweeping is what Scyther was made for.

With a base 110 Attack stat and a base 105 Speed stat Scyther truly is a beast, slicing away with STAB X-Scissor, Aerial Ace and with access to Sword Dance and the now Physical Pursuit. And Scyther won’t be walled by Steels either with access to Brick Break which coupled with Aerial Ace has perfect neutral coverage in UU besides Rotom. And don’t be worried if something’s faster as Scyther has access to Quick Attack which is boosted by Scyther’s ability Technician. Scyther also is a viable Baton Passer with access to Substitute, Sword Dance and Agility. There are numerous other options too, including a Salac berry + Reversal, Endure strategy.

Although generally outclassed by its big brother Scizor, Scyther has found itself a niche in UU as a Sword Dance sweeper and Baton Passer, effectively doing what its big brother does one tier down.


Pinsir is the Stag Beetle Pokemon, and rightly so with those massive horns, still eludes me how Rapidash has Megahorn with its tiny horn but Pinsir doesn’t? Anyway Pinsir is solely of the Bug Type with its strongest STAB option being the respectful X-Scissor; which may not have the power of Megahorn but it’ll hit a lot more. Pinsir’s best stat is Attack, which is a very high 125! Pinsir also has a very good Defense stat and an decent Speed stat, with the former being 100 and the latter being 85.

While generally outclassed by Heracross (how much do you wanna bet that it was a coin toss that decided if Heracross would be an evolution of Pinsir) Pinsir is still very viable in UU being an effective Anti-Lead. To do this it gets three moves Heracross doesn’t, X-Scissor, Stealth Rock and Quick Attack. With a Focus Sash or Lum Berry equipped Pinsir can not only damage the opposing Pokemon but set up Stealth Rocks as well.

I rather like Pinsir as while it lacks the Megahorn, thats really the only thing that differentiates Heracross & Pinsir. Think about it, they both have the same base Attack and Speed stats, have reletvely similar movepools and are both made for Physical Sweeping. As said on Smogons article on Heracross, “Heracross can be seen as the herald of a dying age, as his basic game style has not changed drastically from when he was first introduced”.
I think that (eventually) Pinsir will surpass Heracross due to the fact that while Heracross may fall due to its never-changing style of play, Pinsir will be kept due its Anti-Lead abilities, as entry hazards have become a vital part of competitive play and a Pokemon that can do this and still be a Physical threat is nontheless a good one.

But who knows? The futures the future... Or is it?!

Well thats the end for the 1st generations of Bug Pokemon, but stay tuned as next time I'll review the Ledian and Ariados families plus Pineco and Forretress. Thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoyed it. ^-^

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  1. Sombra29's Avatar
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    The Dinosaur-Bug with Scythes for arms
    I would rather define Scyther as the Praying Mantis Reptile Pokemon...thing :p

    Another nice read.The competitive stuff about pinsir sounds really interesting and promising,who knows what the future has in store for us...what was its DW ability again?
  2. winstein's Avatar
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    I believe that you neglected to mention Pinsir's ability Mold Breaker. Since Pinsir can use Earthquake, any levitating Pokemon isn't free to stay in, like Weezing. Perhaps more important, Mold Breaker ignores Magic Mirror, which can be huge, since this way Stealth Rock cannot be bounced back in the face of Espeon and Xatu. Of course, there are some fringe benefits like ignoring Wonder Guard.

    Still, I like Pinsir, but I don't like the thought that he/she don't have much differentiating factor from Heracross, and it is actually this comparison that led me to think that dual-type Pokemon has an inherent advantage over mono-types. Hopefully Game Freak does mono-types justice next game!

    (That new entry comes awfully fast!)

    Thanks for reading.
  3. F-22's Avatar
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    You also forgot to mention Technician for Scyther; it's a very important quality that makes it into the threat that it is. A more minor edit is that with Technician, Bug Bite outclasses X-Scissor.

    Pinsir is also a personal favorite, as I think that while it's not top tier, it's definitely one of the most improved Pokemon in the generation shift. It got a decent new ability, STAB, and an actual movepool. I actually use it as an anti-lead in ubers, slap on a Lum Berry and you muscle through Deoxys and Darkrai (particularly Deoxys-e, which comprised of nearly 20% of all uber leads the last time stats were taken) and you still get your rocks up. All in all, I really like Pinsir, he's cool and still has potential.
  4. GengarEatBanana's Avatar
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    In reply to all three of you,
    Sombra29: The Dinosaur-Bug comment was about its Red/Blue sprite, not its new one. Pinsir's Dream World ability is Overconfident which boosts his attack every time he gets a kill.

    winstein: I should have talked more about Mold Breaker, but you know what? I forgot, sorry.
    I personaly see Heracross and Pinsir as similar but thats just my opinion, which is really what this review is about. I was bored so I did the new review.

    Age of Kings: I would have mentioned Technician but I believe it aids Scissor a lot more.
    Yes I should have mentioned Bug Bite but this review is, while mostly for competetive players also for ingame players who don't want to breed or use the Move Tutors too much.
    I agree Pinsir is easily one of the more improved Pokemon in this generation.

    To all of you thanks for your input and continue reading as I'll most likely make more.


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