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A Gamers Review of the Bug Type - Part 2

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by , 14th December 2010 at 09:12 PM (545 Views)
Hi and welcome back to...
A Gamers Review of the Bug Type

This time we will be looking at two more gen 1 Pokemon and their evolutions, Paras & Parasect and Venonat & Venomoth.

-First off, as per usual I will use the Red/Blue Sprites and the Diamond/Pearl Sprites.
-And lastly if you see ‘DO NOT’, take note and make sure you read through it.

Hope you enjoy!

#46-Paras #47-Parasect

Paras is the Mushroom Species and is a Bug/Grass mix. In Gen 1 it and it's evolution were the only Pokemon to have three x4 weaknesses due to Poison being Super Effective against Bug. It evolves into Parasect at a lowish Lv24, which is a good level to evolve at for ingame purposes.

Now on to Parasect. This Pokemon, up until Gen III had the BEST move in the game at its disposal, Spore. A 100% accurate sleeping move is one of the greatest things in the Pokemon games. Pity it goes to waste as Parasect won't really survive long with its four x2 weaknesses and two x4 weaknesses, thats right SIX weaknesses in total. Coupled with the fact it only has average Defensive capabilities and you have one deader than dead bug.

It's not all bad though, Parsect has a very respectable 90 base attack with a decent Physical movepool. Max attack with Seed Bomb and X-Scissor could cause some serious damage.
-What about Poison and Steel types? Spore coupled with the fact that soooooo many Poisons are part Grass is a redeeming factor.
-You didn't say about Steels? Parasect actually has access to Brick Break, allowing you to nail Aggron and Bastiodon switch-ins.

All in all Parasect is actually an okay Pokemon with a great movepool. It is really let down by its typing though and its stats could be a lot better.

#48-Venonat #49-Venomoth

Venonat is unsurprisingly the Insect Pokemon and evolves into Venomoth at Lv31. Due to having Radar-like eyes Venonat and Venomoth can use most Beam-like attacks, Psybeam, Signal Beam and even Phychic. Venomoth can also use Energy Ball, Sludge Bomb and learn the best Special Bug move, Bug Buzz. Venomoth doesn't have that bad a supporting movepool as well, having access to Baton Pass, Agility, Sleep Powder and Toxic Spikes.

Venomoth really does have a great movepool which couples great with its two abilities.
The first is more of a defensive ability, Shield Dust. This ability stops all secondary effects from happening e.g. Body Slam no longer has the 30% Paralysis chance. This also means that Venomoth will never be Frozen as the Frozen status is only induced through indirect means.
The second ability and the one I find better is Tinted Lens. Tinted Lens makes all x1/2 damage attacks of Venomoth do x1 damage and all x1/4 damage attacks do x1/2 damage.

Venomoth ingame is an extremely good Pokemon and will serve you well all through the game. This was the Pokemon I was referencing when I said it outclassed Butterfree.
Competitively Venomoth is ok. Even with all these positives it is generally outclassed by Yanmega, another Pokemon I will review later. Yanmega has a much better Sp.A stat and a slightly better Speed stat but Venomoth is still very usable due to its possesion of Sleep Powder, 75% accuracy is still very good, and in gen V Butterfly Dance. A move that boosts your Speed, Sp.D and Sp.A all at once is extremely useful in the hard hitting new metagame.

All in all Venomoth is an extremely viable Pokemon with a lot of good options and a lot to look forward to in the 5th generation of Pokemon.

Thanks for reading this and reply if you enjoyed it.

Next time: Dualing Bugs, Scyther & Pinsir

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  1. F-22's Avatar
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    You forget to mention that one more quality that Venomoth has over Yanmega is that it makes a decent Toxic Spiker in the lower tiers. Even Pendoraa doesn't have the benefit of a reliable sleeping move to have in tandem with its entry hazards. Venomoth may not be the best of the Bugs nor does it seem likely that it will return to being near the top of the lower tiers like it was in early D/P, but it still definitely has viability. (And I'm quite fond of the little bugger.) Butterfly Dance + Tinted Lens could prove to be a destructive combo, because I daresay that it's one of the harder Bugs to wall.
  2. GengarEatBanana's Avatar
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    True, I forgot to talk about Toxic Spikes, but I wanted to mainly compair Venomoth in attacking purposes e.g. Sleep Powder to disable the foe letting you Butterfly Dance for the boost.
    I should have talked about Tinted Lens more but I just wanted to cover the abilities first-off.
    Thanks for reading it though and for your input, plus your avatar rocks, GO MEWTWO!
  3. winstein's Avatar
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    I am surprised that you really bashed Paras and Parasect. Firstly, you probably neglected to mention Parasect's rare distinction of having a x4 Ground Resistance, which is extremely handy, since not even Gravity can thwart Parasect. Second is the ability Dry Skin. This is an ability that established Parasect as an unorthodox Grass, because now he hates the sun. It's also beneficial because a free recovery in Rain is always helpful. Let's not forget that because Parasect resists Electric and Grass, moves targeted to common Water-types, he/she is quite handy on a team like that. Now that third: Parasect now gets Leech Seed, which he/she otherwise didn't learn in past Generations. This makes him/her even better in Rain, because now Parasect can often heal in Rain with Leech Seed and Leftovers to recover the cost of a Substitute.

    For Venomoth, I am not sure about it outclassing Butterfree, since Butterfree has the advantage of a near-perfect accurate Sleep Powder, which is always very useful and having Flying STAB, which is much better than Poison STAB. Still, glad that you have positive things to say about Venomoth.

    A very nice effort so far, I would say.

    Thanks for reading.


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