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Super Seaking

"You're a sick bastard, SS." (Thriller)

"I can't stand this place because of people like you, or the internet for that matter." (Rаinbowsаurus)

"You sir have failed level 0." (Just Me)

"STFU, n00b." (Gordon Freeman)

"stand up for your woman damit!" (wataru)

"Your a fairy :D" (Milkapoke)

"Not really, you just annoy everyone, hating is too strong"(Α~GalaxySylver~Ω)

"Kyurem's wings make great snowcones :P" (june bug)

"It seems like a good idea, Seaking.
This is why you have your own internet meme." (Shibiburu)

"Seaking, go to your silly RM thread. Go pretend to be the better poster in the thread that is the immature past of this one. ;)" (Hunter Blade)

"Lmao I never knew Seaking was so obsessive about the modship." (Kenshi)

"BITCH PLEASE" (minimag)

"So you're going to throw away your future because you're lazy." (hurristat)

  1. I start my driving class tomorrow

    It starts at 11:00, lasts about two hours, and goes on for about two or three weeks. Not too bad, I guess. My friend is also in the same class, and hopefully me and him can hang out more because of it. Because he never answers his phone....

    I hope I actually do good....

    Also, this means that Im going to have to get to bed at 12:00 or 1:00 for a while.
  2. Back to Super Seaking

    I felt that it was time for me to go back to my old username....

    This time, with Fluttershy! =D
  3. Well, Im giving up....

    At least, for now.

    For you people that know me well, you should know what Im talking about.
  4. Wow

    I recently reached the 4,000 post mark. I really do post on this place too much. o_o
  5. Kangaskhan moveset

    I need help with a moveset for a doubles Kangaskhan. It currently knows....

    Fake Out
    Ice Punch
    Thunder Punch

    And has an Expert Belt and Scrappy. Now, should I replace Earthquake with Brick Break? Reversal? Or should I do something else? This is in Generation Five, BTW.

    My only possible options are....

    Sucker Punch
    -Shadow Claw
    -Swagger ...
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