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Super Seaking

"You're a sick bastard, SS." (Thriller)

"I can't stand this place because of people like you, or the internet for that matter." (Rаinbowsаurus)

"You sir have failed level 0." (Just Me)

"STFU, n00b." (Gordon Freeman)

"stand up for your woman damit!" (wataru)

"Your a fairy :D" (Milkapoke)

"Not really, you just annoy everyone, hating is too strong"(Α~GalaxySylver~Ω)

"Kyurem's wings make great snowcones :P" (june bug)

"It seems like a good idea, Seaking.
This is why you have your own internet meme." (Shibiburu)

"Seaking, go to your silly RM thread. Go pretend to be the better poster in the thread that is the immature past of this one. ;)" (Hunter Blade)

"Lmao I never knew Seaking was so obsessive about the modship." (Kenshi)

"BITCH PLEASE" (minimag)

"So you're going to throw away your future because you're lazy." (hurristat)

  1. Stupid disc drive....

    by , 10th January 2011 at 04:24 PM
    So yeah, Im going to start blogging. Ironic how I hated it when I first joined. Oh well.

    Anyways, many of you know how I got a drawing tablet for Christmas so I could make comics. Thing is, no matter how many times I try, I cant get the disc to install Adobe Photoshop, which I need to use the tablet. Today I tried the disc on my step dads computer, and sure enough, it installed there. I have the Adobe Reader and everything else, so it must be my retarded disc drive or something.
  2. Im officially a hypocrite

    by , 10th November 2010 at 03:47 PM
    Id like to inform everybody that when Black and White come out, I will be updating my Black progress in this blog. If you like reading that sort of stuff, which I doubt most people do, just keep this in mind.

    I already have my team planned out, which I might post later.

    Forget that I ever said that I hated blogs. Never mention it again.
  3. Blogs

    by , 7th October 2010 at 11:55 PM
    I really dont care about blogs....yeah.
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