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Super Seaking

Another one? o.o

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by , 20th July 2011 at 06:01 PM (263 Views)
Have you ever....

1. Taken drugs?

2. Stolen something?

3. Physically hurt someone?
Both on accident and on purpose

4. Broken a window?
Ive broken glass before, but it wasnt really a window

5. Gotten Arrested?

6. Ditched School?
Ive skipped classes and pretended to be sick

7. Blackmailed someone?

8. Wished someone dead?

9. Passed your blame for something onto someone else?

10. Been cruel to an animal?
Only creepy bugs. 0_0

11. Lied but swore down on someone's life anyway?
I dont swear it on anyones life but my own...

12. Defaced public property?

13. Found a purse or wallet and kept it?

14. Swore at your parents?
Of course

15. Name called someone who didn't deserve it?
I guess...

16. Watched pornography?
....alright, yes, I have. Well, if you consider it porn.

17. Had morbid curiosity?
Not really, I dont think.

18. Imagined hurting someone?

19. Contemplated suicide?
Once, but only for a little bit

20. Thought about how you'd like to die?
I guess

Do you consider:

21. Lying to be OK for the right reasons?
Of course

22. Open farting to be gross or endearing in a partner?
I guess....

23. Euthanasia to be wrong or right?
Sometimes, yes

24. Abortion to be wrong or right?
I dont agree with abortion

25. The death sentence to be wrong or right?
The death sentence should exist for certain crimes

26. Murderers to be evil or insane?
A lot of them, yes.

27. Evangelists to be insane?
Not really

28. Your parents to be loving?
I guess

29. Animals that would kill a human, worth saving from extinction?
Depends on the animal

30. The World to be a nice place?
Usually not

Would you:

31. Give your life to save a family member's?
Depends who

32. Give a kidney to a stranger?
I dunno

33. Donate money to charity?
I would

34. Take in an injured animal?
I would give it to someone who actually knew how to take care of it

35. Do something bad for money?
Depends on how bad it is

Honesty. Do you:

36. Pick your nose?
....alright, fine.

37. Look at the tissue paper after you wipe?
Um, no

38. Always wash your hands before meals?
I try to

39. Occasionally cheat at school/work?

40. Think you're good looking?
Not really

41. Wish your friend's gf/bf was with you?
All my friends are single. IRL, at least.

42. Wish a family member wasn't related?
Of course.

43. Scream when you see a spider?
...yeah, sometimes.

44. Care about people on the news?

45. Ever pray to God?
Im agnostic

46. Base people on their looks?

47. Hold grudges?
I suppose

48. Truly feel sorrowful when you say "sorry"?
A lot of the time

49. Really care about other people's day?
I guess

50. Wish the World revolved around you?
Not really

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  1. mini-chan's Avatar
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    "Well, if you consider it porn"? O__O
  2. Oswin's Avatar
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    45. Ever pray to God?
    Im agnostic
    You can still pray :P
  3. Milo†icgirl McQüeen's Avatar
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    • permalink
    Everyone's lying if they say they haven't watched it xD

    I'm a girl and watched it before. Guys that have had gfs (and I know) still watch porn.
    Karamazov likes this.
  4. Super Seaking's Avatar
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    Yes, Ive seen porn. =p

    Not that I really look for it.

    Id rather not pray to something I dont know exists.