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Super Seaking

6th R/S remake member

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I decided to make Dusclops the 6th member of my R/S remake team. Why? Well, it has great defenses (especially with the pre-evo stone), a fun movepool, and a great design. Plus, Ive never used one before and I like trying new things. I obviously considered all the suggestions I got, such as Flygon and Zangoose, but in the end, Dusclops just seemed like the best choice.

Here is the moveset that I plan to give it:

[B]Dusclops[/B]: Payback, Fire Punch, Will-o-wisp, Protect

If anyone has any nickname suggestions or something, I would like to hear them.

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  1. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    Cyclops? Bast? Drogo? Fintan? Ignatius? Nadab? Plamen? Puck? Pyrrhus? Sergius? (I found all of those here.) Idk if you were looking for names with a meaning that would fit Dusclops, its moveset, or if you were looking for more "common"/"normal" sounding one.
  2. Super Seaking's Avatar
    Well, thanks. Ill consider those. I was just looking for creative nicknames.
  3. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    So something like Spektor with krazy kool misspellings?
  4. Super Seaking's Avatar
    Those were good suggestions you had (Especially Spektor), but I really like the name Polyphemus. Its from the Odyssey. I think that Ill stick with that.
  5. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    And it just makes the character limit! If you like that one better, go for it. It's your Dusclops.
  6. Fleeg's Avatar
    Has anurism

  7. Miar's Avatar
    Will you make it into Dusknoir if that's optional?
  8. Super Seaking's Avatar

    No, not only do I like Dusclops more, but its stronger due to the pre-evo stone.