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It Ain't No Illusion

I've got lots of 'splaining to do

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by , 19th August 2012 at 04:30 PM (316 Views)
Okay, I'm back in action on BMGf, but yes, I have a LOT of explaining to do. LOTS and LOTS of explaining.

I randomly went on hiatus due to stress at school and a random YouTube addiction. Yes. YouTube. OF ALL THINGS.

As a result, I ended up taking a hiatus on both deviantART and here. I didn't get back on dA until May, and boy, did EVERYONE wonder where I went! Same thing happened here.

I really hope I wasn't forgotten by everyone, and I'm sorry for leaving you all without warning :(

I won't be on EVERY day, but I certainly WILL try to be more active, mostly because now that I'm active on dA, it's likely I may visit it more often, but I'm going to try to balance it out.

So, hi there all again!!!

EDIT: Another reason for my hiatus is that in January, my computer was hit by a nasty virus, which took my dad several days to clean out of my system. None of my files were harmed, thankfully, and now my computer is clean, thanks to me discovering the wonders of Mozilla Firefox and it's AdBlock awesomeness.

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    Welcome back! I don't think we met. It's nice to meet you.
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