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It Ain't No Illusion

Hello! I'm AlexandraTheZoroark, formerly LucarioGirl :) I'm back in action for some more Pokemon fun!!!!

  1. From Bulbapedia article sufer to member: Why I joined Bulbagarden

    A few months before I joined Bulbagarden, I was just a Bulbapedia article surfer. I discovered Bulbapedia when I was on Wikipedia. I was looking up Lucario on Wikipedia, and I came acroos a link for the Bulapedia article in the External Links section. I then became a frequent Bulbapedia visitor. But a few days before I joined the Bulbagarden forums, I made a Bulbapedia acount, and I forgot my password (The password was too long for me to remember). I tried to get my password by e-mail, but I never ...
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