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  1. I've got lots of 'splaining to do

    Okay, I'm back in action on BMGf, but yes, I have a LOT of explaining to do. LOTS and LOTS of explaining.

    I randomly went on hiatus due to stress at school and a random YouTube addiction. Yes. YouTube. OF ALL THINGS.

    As a result, I ended up taking a hiatus on both deviantART and here. I didn't get back on dA until May, and boy, did EVERYONE wonder where I went! Same thing happened here.

    I really hope I wasn't forgotten by everyone, and I'm sorry for leaving ...

    Updated 20th August 2012 at 08:36 AM by AlexandraTheZoroark

  2. Ask me anything

    Hey, it's BMGf's favorite female Zoroark with pink glasses!

    Now, I shall do a continuous bandwagon of asking me any question thst I will answer.
    (Stole this bandwagon idea from multiple people, LOL)

    Ask. Now.
  3. Is this normal?

    Okay... Ever since I made a Zoroark as my Pokésona, I am now literally OBSSESSING over Zoroark.


    No, this won't mean I'm changing my username to ZoroarkGirl, and besides, I still like Lucario ^_^

    I think it's the long mane that's making me obssessed...

    Is this normal obssessing over Pokémon?
  4. I miss BMGf. . . .

    I'm so addicted to dA now, I'm getting totally inactive here. . ..

    All I have to say is: I'm sorry. I really am!!!!

    I'm going to at least try going on BMGf a little more now. . . .I'm sorry. . . I missed BMGf. . .
  5. I'm sorry about my inactivity. .

    Guys, I'm very sorry I've been so inactive.

    It's not because of school (Don't have much going on, exceot I'm in the school play and I'm signing up for the yearbook team), but because of deviantART.

    Lately, it's been so. . . addicting. It's been taking me away from Bulbagarden. . . .

    Again, I'm sorry I've been so inactive.

    Also, any ideas on how to be able to go on BMGf and dA equally?
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