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It Ain't No Illusion

Hello! I'm AlexandraTheZoroark, formerly LucarioGirl :) I'm back in action for some more Pokemon fun!!!!

  1. I've got lots of 'splaining to do

    Okay, I'm back in action on BMGf, but yes, I have a LOT of explaining to do. LOTS and LOTS of explaining.

    I randomly went on hiatus due to stress at school and a random YouTube addiction. Yes. YouTube. OF ALL THINGS.

    As a result, I ended up taking a hiatus on both deviantART and here. I didn't get back on dA until May, and boy, did EVERYONE wonder where I went! Same thing happened here.

    I really hope I wasn't forgotten by everyone, and I'm sorry for leaving ...

    Updated 20th August 2012 at 08:36 AM by AlexandraTheZoroark

  2. Ask me anything

    Hey, it's BMGf's favorite female Zoroark with pink glasses!

    Now, I shall do a continuous bandwagon of asking me any question thst I will answer.
    (Stole this bandwagon idea from multiple people, LOL)

    Ask. Now.
  3. Is this normal?

    Okay... Ever since I made a Zoroark as my Pokésona, I am now literally OBSSESSING over Zoroark.


    No, this won't mean I'm changing my username to ZoroarkGirl, and besides, I still like Lucario ^_^

    I think it's the long mane that's making me obssessed...

    Is this normal obssessing over Pokémon?
  4. Black Friday is one asshole of a day

    Every Friday after Thanksgiving is Black Friday, a.k.a Shopiholic's Hell Day, where people go and practically kill each other just to buy a fucking sweater that's on sale.

    I'm glad I'm staying home (Meh, I hate shopping anyways, unless if it involves books and video games)
  5. Thank you all!!!

    I would like to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday!!!!!!! ^.^ Especially my love, @TheCapsFan ~~~~~~

    Sorry if I didn't reply to any of them, though I did read them. I always read my comments on both dA and Bulbagarden, even if I don't respond.

    I was in Chicago yesterday, so that's why I was offline on BMGf and dA.

    And if you're wondering about me turning 13:
    I'm still the same old me. I won't be saying ...
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