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just over a week left

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by , 11th February 2013 at 07:00 AM (177 Views)
then i can finally change my username
and for once, i know EXACTLY what i'm going to change it to
this is gonna be fuckin' AWESOME

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  1. Zeems's Avatar
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    It's not going to be super-long, is it?
  2. Abba's Avatar
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    no of course it won't be super long
    i don't do super long names
    super long names suck
  3. Lalonde's Avatar
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    Than what's it going to be, @Abba;?
  4. Abba's Avatar
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    Can't tell ya, s9me9ne might steal it.
  5. maglev's Avatar
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    Hope it's BeeGees
  6. Likeitornot.'s Avatar
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    Anything in relation to Kankri?
  7. Abba's Avatar
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    [QUOTE=Likeitornot.;bt273801]Anything in relation to Kankri?[/QUOTE]

    don't be absurd
    why would i ever do anything like that
    that's just