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Halo 4 and New Years'

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by , 31st December 2012 at 09:04 PM (398 Views)
[B]Halo 4 Stuff:[/B]
[SPOILER]I beat Halo 4 on Legendary before the year ended ;w;
Also, H4 is the first Halo game I've ever beat on Legendary.
Doing such things has allowed me to create my perfect planned armour customization, which is:

Helmet: EOD
Chest: EOD
Shoulders: Both Mark VI
Arms: Mark VI
Legs: Mark VI
Visor: Legendary
Colour1: Brown
Colour2: White

Which gives me the Halo 4 equivalent of CT as he appears in RvB Season 7.[/SPOILER]

[B]New Year's Post:[/B]
[SPOILER]Okay, so this is the start of my third year of having any meaningful internet presence.
Y'know, I can honestly say I do not remember a time when I did not have internet. All genericness aside, I've met some awesome people over the past two years, and despite the bad things that may have happened in the past (and despite what I constantly say), you are all awesome and I love you like family. I would put more generic sappy shit here but I'm quite honestly too tired to think of anything, so you can make something up and imagine it's me saying it. Okay? Okay.

Happy New Year everyone. Have a good one.

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    232nd blog
    god i love reversable numbers
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    Happy New Year, Abba
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