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Didn't I already do one of these?

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1) Name: Lennie E. Roland II
2) Birthday: May 9th 1996


3) Colour: Blue.
4) Food: Sausages and Mash.
5) Drink: Water.
6) Type: Water.
7) Pokemon: Typhlosion.
8) Singer: MIKA, at the moment.
9) Type of Music: I find it hard to discern the different types.

Would You Rather:

10) Love or Money: Money.
11) Clothes or Shoes: Clothes.
12) Makeup or not (for guys would you have a girl with or without): Not.
13) Tea or Coffee: Tea
14) Chocolate or Crisps (Americans Chips xD): Chocolate.

I have (underline the ones you have)

15) Kissed somebody
16) Had sex
17) [U]Broken somebodys heart[/U]
18) [U]Had mine broken[/U]
19) [U]Lost a friend[/U]
20) [U]Blackmailed or threatened somebody[/U] (Many times. Not something I'm proud of.)
21) [U]Thought of killing somebody or hated somebody to that extent[/U]
22) [U]Gone abroad[/U]
23) [U]Ever witnessed life threatening scenarios[/U]
24) Gone Bungee Jumping

Ok Your answer Section:

25) What was the worst dare you had to do? Not sure. There was that one time when I was dared to throw rocks at random windows.

26) What was the worst dare you’ve ever given? Dared someone to smash a school computer over someone else's head. They refused, and smashed it off the table instead.

27) Have you ever thought about the other sex in sexual ways? Why would I tell you?

28) When did you last do something good and get rewarded for it? I don't think I ever have done.

29) When was the last time you did something bad and got punished for it? About...20 minutes ago.

30) Last question; What is your ideal person? No idea.

31) Include the saying: By Miloticgirl McQueen. Done.

Made by: Miloticgirl McQueen

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  1. Milo†icgirl McQüeen's Avatar
    Thanks again lol

    I dont know who but the made by bit xD