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by , 25th November 2012 at 12:16 AM (311 Views)
So I beat Chrono Trigger again. Again.

I wish I had more legos. God fucking damn I love lego. Like, fuck. I could just sit and build shit all day. I used to when I was but a child, but now we don't have that shit.

Hit rank 40 in Halo 4 a few days ago. Shut up it's special for me. Only ten more until I can pick specialisation. I'm going to be picking Pioneer, help me get XP for the others quicker.

I'm considering making myself a cup of tea soon. Should I, or should I not? Or should it be hot chocolate instead?

I'm also considering buying more hats. Which I will probably do next time I leave the house.

The sound card for the computer I'm building came in the mail yesterday. That's five parts down, and I think six or seven more to go.

Want some music? [URL=""]Have some music.[/URL]

Well, this pretty much exhausted every possible blog topic I have in my head for the time being. Oh well, it's not like people read this shit anyways.

And that's about it for now, Abbababbababaababababababbbabaabba out.

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  1. Karma Kidd's Avatar
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    Stalker is where it's at boi

    I'm a vengeful bastard.
  2. maglev's Avatar
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    I can't wait to be a dad, then one Christmas I'll buy my kid loads of Lego and we'll play with them together and share a beer when we finish making the Lego city or something.
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