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First blog ever.

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I've been using Bulbapedia for some time now and I joined Bulbagarden forums in September. I have to say that I love this place. This place is never boring and you guys are also very kind towards me. I joined Serebii Forums last summer, but I have to admit that I prefer these forums over the Serebii forums.

Now, ask something you would like to know about me. I'll answer your questions.

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  1. Abba's Avatar
    F1R5T P05T!

    Anyways, what is your favourite food?
  2. Miles Prower's Avatar
    I agree with you....Serebii Forums is slow as crap...this forum is always fast(Except for the 503 City that pops up when a new pokemon game arrives)
  3. Gomazou's Avatar
    Serebii Forums is quite slow, so I agree.

    What's your favorite song?
  4. Noctis's Avatar
    Uhm, my favourite food is Italian pasta and my favourite song is Paparazzi by Lady Gaga. :D


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